Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bailey's Local Foods ordering ends TONIGHT at 8:00 pm (Tuesday, August 23rd) - Peachesm, Pears and Plums now available!

This is a reminder that you should place your order before 8:00 pm Tuesday August 23rd for pickup on Friday August 26th.
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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf on Tuesday at 8:00pm. There is no checkout button. If you do not intend to order, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty.

Please order enough for two weeks as we will be closed on September 2nd!
Upcoming Bailey's Pickup Dates include: August 26, September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7th
No Bailey's Pickup on: September 2 or October 14

A few late additions to the order from include:
  • Celeriac with tops from Paul Bowman all the celery taste, none of the stringiness... great cut up for dipping or for soups - or you could slice it thin and deep fry it to make super tasty chips!
  • A limited amount of pickling cucumbers from Lester and Irene Brubacher.
  • The amazing From These Roots salsas are back in stock as well as some new cherry jams!
  • New offerings from Monforte including Halloumi, Goat Tomme, Piacere and Black Sheep
  • Planning for school lunches? Why not send your kids (or yourself) with a few cookies from New Moon Kitchens? Healthy never tasted so good!
From Mary Jane regarding the fabulous Niagara fruit
(If you are reading this after ordering closes we may be able to add fruit until Wednesday morning at 9am - email us at info@baileyslocalfoods.ca!):

The Coral-star peach is a peach that is said to 'have it all'. Beautiful appearance, size and flavour. They are a large peach with attractive colour with skin 60-80% bright orange-red. It has great sweet peach flavour and aroma. This freestone peach is unique in that is does not brown when cut, making it one of the best peaches for canning and freezing!

We also have a limited quantity of the famous White Lady peaches. This peach is VERY popular with the people who dehydrate their peaches. It is a sub-acid white flesh peach which makes it seem sweeter! I bought my dehydrator based on tasting one of the dried White Ladies. It was delectable! The White Lady is fantastic just for eating too!

***Please email us at info@baileyslocalfoods.ca if you are interested in the White Lady peaches before Monday at 9 am as there are only a limited quantity available.***
White Lady Peaches - $39 for 25 lbs (full box) and $19.50 for half, $7.75 for a 3L basket

The Burbank plum is a medium size plum with a red mottled yellow skin. Its flesh is deep yellow and has very good flavour! This is considered a Red Plum.

Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings!. This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe all in the same box. Eva and Rene let our fruit ripen on the tree much longer than if they were to pick it for the shippers! The shippers want green fruit and we want tree ripened fruit!!

Eva and Rene grow both the traditional tea roses and antique roses! The Antique rose is a little different looking then the traditional Tea Rose we are accustomed to. The Antique rose is meant to have a large center rose that opens accompanied by several side buds which may or may not open. This offers lovely contrast for bouquets! Most of the antique roses have a lovely fragrance.

Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

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P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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