Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ordering ends TODAY (Tuesday May 6th) at 8:00 pm for FRIDAY pickup! **Order for 3 weeks!

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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf TUESDAY May 6th at 8pm for pickup on FRIDAY May 9th at First United Church, Waterloo *Order enough for 3 weeks!*
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Here are our Upcoming dates:
FRIDAY May 9th
Friday, May 30
Friday, June 13
Friday, June 20 (only if strawberries are ready)
**Thursday, June 26 (Thursday)
Friday, July 4

A message from Rachael:

Ordering ends at 8 tonight. We have so much more for you since Sunday on the order form.

Beans from Rounds Brand
We haven't offered these in a while, so get them while you can (likely not again until June). They are very fresh (for dried beans) and you can get your favourite type like Black Turtle beans, Dutch Brown beans, Kidney beans, lentils and peas, or one of the wonderful mixes for soup or chili! Rounds Brand offers barley too!


With this cooler than usual spring, this is a great time to plant seedlings. We're excited to offer them to you starting on Friday!
  • Brenda Knechtel has 4 paks of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce seedlings (single varieties or mixes), 4 inch pots of leek seedlings as well as everbearing and spring bearing strawberry plants in packs of 6!
  • Bowman's Organic Produce has hanging baskets with Petunias, Geranium, Daisies, Cherry tomatoes and Cucumber (yes, you read that right! cherry tomatoes and cucumbers in hanging baskets!)
Name that cheese!
Monforte Dairy is looking for an awe striking name for their new chipotle water buffalo cream cheese. Please send us suggestions and you will get a container if we choose your name.

So much more:
  • Vibrant Beef! - We are fully stocked for all your organic, pastured, grass fed beef needs! Bring on the BBQ!
  • Snyder Heritage Farms now has Amber Maple Syrup available! How much will you use this year?
  • New Black Hog bacon from Harrington Lane Farms can be leaner than the Berkshire bacon if you prefer less fatty bacon
  • Bunches of Green Garlic from Brenda Knechtel are here!
  • Peaches in Jars - We restocked from Country Flavour
  • Herbs are back! We have parsley from Nith Valley and chives from Jonas Brubacher
  • BLUE organic tortilla chips from Taco Farm are new! All their tortillas are GMO free, preservative free and gluten free!
  • Stock up on meals from The Nutty Bakers. We don't order these as often in the summer.
  • Spring dug Parsnips and Jerusalem Artichokes from Nith Valley. I hear they are sweeter in the spring!
  • Martin's Apple Chips with Chocolatey drizzle. Have you tried them yet?
  • Congratulation to Grainharvest on 25 years of baking! Celebrate with their new Cheese and Herb Pretzels!
  • Harrington Lane Farms has a new lamb sausage called "Sheep In the Meadow" and it is spiced with organic rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley and mint.
  • Large Duck Eggs and Sheep milk are new from Harrington Lane Farms also!
  • Lard  available! Harrington Lane Farms now has 750 mL jars for $3.50 and you can even get duck lard from Top Market Meats!
  • Barrie's Asparagus has new BBQ sauce and mustard for your grilled foods!
  • Liege Waffles and Lavender Marshmallows from Ambrosia Pastry
  • Stemmler's all beef wieners. Heat them in a frying pan after cutting on a diagonal. Serve with toothpicks and maybe even ketchup
  • Cheese. We have so much awesome cheese. From Gordon's Goat Dairy cream cheese to Millbank's Colby and Monterey Jack, Local Dairy's Mozzarella, Mountainoak's Farmstead to Monforte's fresco, I could feed them cheese daily in so many ways!
  • Have you ever made a grilled cheese sandwich with jam? Try it and you might not go back. Choose your favourite bread from Grainharvest or Golden Hearth (We're so happy to have them back!) and your favourite cheese then a spoon of your favourite jam from Black Market Preserves, Lena Horst or From These Roots and make a taste sensation you'll love!
  • Wash your meal down with Golden Guernsey Milk from Eby Manor or some juice from Waterloo Juice Cartel
  • Yogurt (from Mapleton's, Local Dairy, Organic Meadow or Monforte) drizzled with maple syrup from Snyder Heritage Farms! Mmmm...
  • My kids like the super tasty tortilla chips from Taco Farm and Spud's finest potato chips from Barrie's Asparagus as a snack too!
We have a few notes from our suppliers:
From Mat's Fine Oils - $1 off your next bottle of oil purchased when you return an empty bottle (preferably unwashed!) . "To discourage the throw away mentality of our society I am offering $1 off the price of a bottle of oil in exchange for the old bottle. We are now recycling the bottles."
From Torrie at Warner's Farm:
"We had a long cold winter, as I assume you did. There is damage to the peach buds, however, we don't need all the buds to make a crop, some varieties will have a full crop potential, others not.
Other fruits aren't hurt by the winter cold, however, after the huge crop of 2013, we can't expect another huge crop, a more normal crop is expected.
The spring has been cool, delaying bloom, and likely delaying harvest."
From Stemmler's Meats:
Prices are very volatile. We have adjusted prices for pork and beef and expect that chicken prices will be affected too."We expect that this will continue for at least a year. Possibly longer. The commodities inventories are at record historic lows. Not since the 50's have we seen this kind of inventory numbers in Canada. We are working hard to find the suppliers to keep pricing under control."

Clark Takes on the World - http://clarktakesontheworld.eflea.ca/
We have donated a few prizes in support of a local family and their special son. We encourage you to take a look and bid on any items you like! Consider sharing the auction with your social networks.
Bid at http://clarktakesontheworld.eflea.ca/ until Thursday May 8th at 10pm.

Aura's Supper Club! Tuesday, Apr. 15, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at The Kitchener Market
Join fellow food enthusiasts in your community for an evening of food, fun and laughs. Come with a friend or meet some new ones at this interactive cooking night.
The menu is geared towards dishes that are easy to share and prepare. Recipes are sourced from all over the world. The freshest ingredients will be used with an emphasis on local wherever and whenever possible. All skill levels are welcome! In partnership with Baileys Local Foods.
Cost: $45*, includes a market bag and food prepared during class. For information and to register, visit www.kitchenermarket.ca/cookingclasses or https://www.facebook.com/events/683062091735433/

Taco Farm's Local Food Breakfast Club: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This inaugural event will be a special opportunity to enjoy a tasty local food breakfast prepared by chef Nick Benninger of Taco Farm while learning more about Buy Local! Buy Fresh! producers in our own backyard.
The event will also feature a discussion panel made up of a chef, a local farmer and a consumer. Don't miss this valuable networking opportunity of interest to both consumers and those in the local food industry. A limited number of tickets will be available so purchase yours early to avoid disappointment. 
Have questions about Local Food Breakfast Club? Contact Foodlink Waterloo Region TICKETS HERE-> http://bit.ly/QFrTgm

Happy Tuesday!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods
KW's Online Farmers Market

P.S. We can use your egg cartons, fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.
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