Sunday, March 16, 2014

Seed Starting Garden Kits by Brenda Knechtel

Brenda's family has spent some time, and pulled together a kit for starting garden seedling to offer to the Bailey's customers.  For $35.50 (including HST) you can start your garden from seeds!

The Seed Starting Garden Kit will contain:

  • 1 non-perforated tray and greenhouse dome
  • 22 -3" round peat pots
  • organic potting soil
  • planting instructions
  • Seeds for the following varieties:
    • 2  "Happy Rich"sprouting Broccoli:  Dark green plants that produce jumbo-size florets with many side shoots.  Broccoli flavour.
    • 1  "Caraflex" Cabbage:  organic seed; midseason; 1.5-2 lb. pointed head
    • 1  "Stonehead" Cabbage:  solid  early summer maturing; 3-4 lb.; sweet tasting.
    • 1  "Storage #4" Cabbage:  Late maturing;  large head for storage or fresh eating; 
    • 2  "Vates" Kale:  organic seed;curly, dark, blue/green leaves
    • 1  "Jalafuego" Pepper:  high yielding jalapeno hot pepper;3-4" long fruit.
    • 1  "Ace" Pepper:  early 3-lobeed green sweet pepper that turns red; tends not to drop blossom due to cool nights in early summer as other varieties do.
    • 1  "Bright Star" Pepper:  hybrid; orange, sweet bell pepper; fruit starts dark green and matures to bright orange.  
    • 1  "Golden Star" Pepper:  Hybrid yellow bell pepper;  starts dark green and matures to a sweet yellow.  
    • 2  "Raven" Zucchini:  hybrid, dark green zucchini.
    • 1  "Beaver Lodge Slicer" Tomato:  heirloom, organic seed;  determinate plant style; red, early maturing tomatoe ; perfect for growing in containers or hanging baskets; 
    • 2  "Charger" Tomato:  determinate type plant; hybrid; disease resistant; large red fruits.
    • 1  "Sweetie" Cherry Tomatoe:  Indeterminate type plant; super sweet cherry tomatoes with high sugar content; prolific. 
    • 1  "Giant of Italy" Parsley: organic seed; preferred culinary variety; huge dark green, flat leaves; 
    • 2  "Italian Large Leaf" Sweet Basil: organic seed;  large plants with large medium-dark green leaves.
    • 1  "Bouquet" Dill:  organic seed; can be cut at early leaf stage for dill weed, or allowed to mature for dill flower heads.
    • 1  "Santo" Cilantro: standard variety; slow bolting.

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