Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ordering is open for Baileys Local Foods

Sorry for the last email. Rachael left me (Maryrose) to send the email. I hit send before I should have. Here is the real one. (I hope)

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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf on Tuesday, February 26th at 
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Upcoming dates:
Monday March 25th, April 15th
Our first Friday will be May 10th!

  • EDSS Twice as Sharp will be at our pickups. Bring your knives and scissors so that they are as sharp as you are in the kitchen!
  • As the weather improves, you can bring your bike to our pickups for tune-ups and repairs by Nav of Bliss by Bike.


A Message from Maryrose:

 Just a quick note as I want to get out and enjoy the day. It is amazing out there. The sap should be flowing today. Let’s hope the get several more weeks of freezing temperatures at night and thaw during the day. To keep the sap flowing much longer than it did last year.

 I recently discovered that both of my children love the smoked fish we offer. I just ordered it for the first time. Marlo the 18 month old who is a extremely picky eater eats it up. We had been eating it for lunch which means Otis hasn’t been around to try it. He caught sight of it in the fridge and asked if he could taste it. He had a bite and said “it tastes like pepperoni sticks made of fish” It never seizes to amaze me what my children will eat if you let them try it.

 I was very excited to have so many lovely greens added to my fridge after Monday’s pick up. I have been so inspired to cook with a newly stocked fridge. I pulled out my Simply In Season Cook Book and flipped through the Spring section dreaming of what is yet to come.

 Spring also means there are farm babies being born and the milk is flowing. Montforte Dairy has some fresh cheeses back in stock.

 White Surface-Ripened:

Waltzing Matilda - (approx 180g) water buffalo, camembert style with balsam ash

 Blue Surface-Ripened:

Piacere - (0.8kg) Fleur de marquis styleCorsicansheep, with rosemary, summer savoury and chilies

Prato - (approx 280g) similar to Piacere but smaller and a little drier, with herbs deProvence


Sheep curds - 200g

Pecorino Fresco (approx 300g)

Feta (200g)


 Additional Items that can be found on the offering list:


  • Beefsteak Tomatoes from Floralane (first of the year)
  • Collards from Sam Bowman
  • Lamb Shanks from Harrington Lane Farm
  • We are just waiting to hear word From Kevin on if we will have any fresh crop Light maple syrup available. Fingers crossed.
Tamari, Teriyaki sauce and Soy sauce are all being discontinues from Pristine Gourmet. We only have what is in stock left and can not get any more. So if you are a fan stock up now.

 I had mentioned this was going to be a quick note yet I managed to ramble on. Until next time.

Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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