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A Message from Rachael:

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous weekend! The warm weather paired with the changing and falling leaves was exquisite! We spent a whole lot of time outside n the Mary Allen Studio Tour. Many neighbourhoods hold studio tours or art walks in the coming weeks and months. It's a great way to meet local artists and artisans and pick up gifts for the holiday season.

Throw a party - pick a theme!
This weekend we went to a Mexican themed party and oh, what amazing food! They made tortillas from scratch and everyone brought a dish to share including guacamole, salsa, refried beans, rice, and banana fritters. If you ever want to throw a Mexican themed party (or have a Mexican themed dinner) we have the tastiest tortillas, chips, tostadas and tacos around from McKechnie Foods in Aylmer. Their flour wraps are great for lunches too and the larger 10" size makes it easy to stuff your burrito REALLY full. If you like tamales they have some of the tastiest around. Just thaw and steam them!

Talking Turkey
Thanksgiving is in two weeks! No wonder the harvest foods are available in full force. If you're thinking turkey for dinner we have you covered! Kevin and Anne Snyder of Snyder Heritage Farms have some of the best birds around and we're so happy to offer their products year round, but mostly at Thanksgiving! These birds are frozen for freshness so if you need your thawed for early next weekend, buy it this week! The following is from Kevin:

Here's some info about Snyder Heritage Farms Turkeys and Chickens
We make our GMO-Free feed from our own grain. We blend our wheat and corn with soy and add essential vitamins and nutrients to the feed. We do not use anti-biotics in the feed and our birds are sold drug free. Feed is one of the most important parts of growing a Bird. Our Turkeys are raised in a well ventilated barn with ample room for the birds to move around in, stress free and well cared for. This year we also grew a few Orlopp Bronze, a heritage breed. All our birds are frozen for food safety and it's the best way to preserver quality. Snyder Heritage Farms turkeys are truly second to none.
Check out our web site for more info

A different turkey...
Did you see the chocolate turkey sample from Anna Tolazzi at our checkout on Friday? It's the most lovely centrepiece you could ever want and a tasty dessert too! Made of over 800 g of chocolate it is absolutely gorgeous! I posted a photo (that doesn't do the bird justice) on our facebook page
at and it will likely visit again next Friday. My four year old was downright upset that we didn't get to take the turkey home on Friday after he had been admiring it all afternoon.

Decorative corn and lovely squash
That same four year old was entirely in love with the decorative corn that Eva Weber sent us on Friday and picked his favourite bunches (about 8 of them) to carry around in a basket all afternoon. The colours are lovely and It's in bunches of 4 or 5 and tied with a bow. Right now the winter squash that are available are both lovely and tasty! You could put together an autumn table with a few squash varieties, some pressed or curling leaves, that lovely decorative corn and then when you're hungry, choose one of those squash for dinner right off the table. We have been enjoying mashed orange kabocha for dinner lately - it is very sweet and a treat with onions or apples in the mash.

Organic Apples from Apple Creek Farm
Mary picks lots of apples for us. They are carefully sorted and sent for you each week, but did you know that groups can go picking at the farm too? What a great place to bring children for a quick lesson in how to pick apples without damaging the trees. The farm in outside of Drayton and you'll have to call Mary a few days in advance to arrange your visit. If you'd like contact information for Apple Creek Farm please let us know!

Tuesday at the Library
After you get your order in early Tuesday evening you can head over to the Forest Heights branch of KPL to meet Lynn Ogryzlo, Author of The Ontario Table and hear how buying local food can revitalize rural communities and create a new prosperity in Ontario. More info at

A couple more items of interest:
  • Order your crackers, chips and preserves from Barrie Bros,
  • Get the best tortillas from McKechnie
  • Locally made pasta (spelt and kamut too) from J&D Peters available this week
  • Order some sparkling cider for Thanksgiving dinner!
  • If you haven't tried them yet, we've been told that the pickled beets from Floralane really schmeck!

Enjoy this week,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

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P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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