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Another baby Girl!!!
Congratulations are in order! Maryrose, Dave and Otis welcomed Marlo Gabriella into their lives on Friday August 26th! Welcome Marlo!!

Can you believe that it's September already? We've had some lovely warm weather and some crazy rainstorms. What a fun way to end the Summer months! Hopefully September and October will bring lovely weather for our farmers!

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More available!
I just added more items from suppliers such as Fertile Ground and Transpire organics including arugula, herbs and a Salsa Verde kit (Mmmm tomatillos!) so be sure to check the list again for your favourites!

Here are some of the excellent suppliers that are happy to bring you amazing food this week:
  • The last of the peaches from Palatine will be available this week! Look for grapes, plums and pears too!
  • Golden Hearth Baking is back from their well deserved vacation!
  • Green Table Foods has great prepared dishes (available every second week)
  • Oak Manor (available this week and not again until September 30th)
  • Country Flavour preserves - this week we'll be stocking up - so you can too!
  • From These Roots has introduced NEW Sour Cherry Whiskey Jam and we've restocked all three salsas!
  • Pristine Gourmet's Teryiaki Marinade is available again!
  • Gordon's Goat Dairy (available this week and not again until October 7th)
Speaking of Goat Cheese...
The other day I checked out the Gordon's Goat Dairy website at and was impressed with their online descriptions of the cheeses so I'll share them with you:
Come experience our delicious handmade cheeses! There are four unique and tasty varieties to choose from:
  • C-Line: Moist, creamy, and buttery. Gord's original recipe made by adding a special probiotic to our Havarti recipe, perfect for the health-conscious consumer. It is named after the road on which the farm is located.
  • Gouda: Creamy, mild flavour.
  • Havarti: Firmer texture, more robust flavour.
  • Cheddar: Hard texture, mild flavour. Curds also available.
We also offer flavors of chives/onion and hot pepper.
It is the gentle handling of our farm fresh milk that leaves you with creamy wholesome cheese ready to be served in your kitchen!
We bring to the table a fresh light tasting cheese that even the biggest naysayer who claims "I don't like goat cheese" will be saying "I can't believe it's goat cheese!!"

Apple season is in full swing!!!
Tiffany shared with us on facebook that she made a divine apple pie with the tart yellow organic apples from Apple Creek Farm! We'd love to hear how you have enjoyed this season's apples too.

Steve From Martin's Family Fruit Farm has added Macs, Galas, Ginger Gold and the AMAZING Honeycrisp apples to his list!

Mary from Apple Creek Farms has Paula Red and Jersey Mac apples and has so much apple wisdom to share. She tells us about what is available below:
Still lots of Vista Bella and Transparent apples too. If it is the "Harvest" apples you are looking for then the Yellow Transparents are the ones you want.

Paula Red apples fresh picked always remind me of Cortlands. Just a bit of a tang as you crunch into the apples but a sweetness that lingers... Excellent for fresh eating and for baking/sauce etc..

To make pink apple sauce choose Vista Bella, or Jersey Mac. Core the apples but cook them with the skin on - then put them through the ricer or sieve, or victorio.... presto - pink sauce.

Yellow sauce is made with the Yellow transparent apples - Let these apples sit on the counter for a day or so to let them turn pale yellow, then they are ready to put into sauce. Again core them but leave the skin on when cooking them. The skin virtually disappears as these cook so there is very little waste when the are smashed into sauce. If you let them sit, the sauce will be yellow and need less sweetener but if you make the sauce sooner, it may have a green tinge and will need more sweetener..... or top your sauce with honey nut cheerios or granola... yummy!! (My Dad always put cake or brownie in the bottom of the dish and poured on the apple sauce...)

In terms of size of apple, I am trying to make the three pound bags consistent - What I mean is, there will be either big OR small apples in the bag. If you need apples for school lunches get to the pick up early so you can find a bag full of smaller apples that will suit children. If you need them for an adult lunch then look for a bag with the bigger apples...

Apple sauce is still available - freshly made then frozen - for preservation and transportation. So far we have only made the yellow transparent sauce. but other varieties will be available through the season.

I can also add Crab Apples to the list. A limited quantity - only about 10 quarts available at this point but we have a second variety that is not quite ready yet. These are the ones to make your apple jelly with. a very tart apple. They are the size of a three year old's fist. Red over yellow is the colouring. The flesh is very pale yellow. Check out the bernadin chart for a jelly recipe get busy:) yummy on toast, cinnamon raisin bagels...

Coming soon - elderberries. We have two bushes within twenty feet of each other. Bush #1 has fat juicy berries - almost ripe, hanging in heavy clusters, the second has smaller berries in lighter clusters. We will put the water to the second bush to encourage some growth before they ripen. We will pick the clusters as they ripen and freeze the berries.

More on Niagara Fruits
The Coral-star peach is a peach that is said to 'have it all'. Beautiful appearance, size and flavour. They are a large peach with attractive colour with skin 60-80% bright orange-red. It has great sweet peach flavour and aroma. This freestone peach is unique in that is does not brown when cut making it one of the best peaches for canning and freezing!

The All-star is a peach that is similar to the coral-star. The All-star peach has a golden skin covered with a bright red flush and has a firm yellow flesh. It is a high quality freestone peach that is excellent for canning, cooking, baking, drying, freezing and eating!

These peaches are from the 'Stellar' peach series developed by Jim Friday. We also have the PF24 peach which is from the 'Flamin' Fury' series of peaches developed by Paul Friday (thus the 'PF' in the name)... Jim's cousin. The Friday family have been breeding fruit since they came to Michigan in 1846 and the farm has been in the family for 162 years! Both Fridays are one of the few private breeders left! Paul and Jim were always competing to create the best peaches! I think they both succeeded. But you can taste for yourself!

The PF 24 peaches are nicely coloured peaches with a firm flesh and is of excellent quality. It is freestone and is an all purpose peach - canning, cooking, baking, freezing, drying and as always... fresh eating! Enjoy!

The Verity prune plum is a versatile plum. They are good plums for cooking, baking, canning and juicing. They are also nice and sweet so they are good for drying and fresh eating. They are a medium-large plum with a dark purple skin.

The Bartlett pear is known for being 'the' pear for canning. When it ripens is has a soft yellow skin and a juicy creamy texture and gives off a sweet aroma. They are great for eating fresh or adding to salads. Along with being good canners they are also excellent cooked and poached!

Grapes, grapes, grapes!
This week we have the Sovereign Coronation grapes. These grapes have a vibrant deep purple-blue coloured skin. It is sweet and sour with a distinctive musky flavour! They have a thin skin and are seedless! Uses vary from juicing, preserves, jams and jellies, freezing and eating fresh!

The Muscat grape has a sweet aroma and full flavour. It almost has a slight spicy flavour to it. They are a seedless grape that are fabulous fresh, amazing dried as raisins and people have told me how crazy they were about them frozen and juiced!

The blue table grape is a nice sweet seedless European type grape.
The white table grape is very sweet and does not have the 'spicy' hint like the muscat. It is also seedless. Both these grapes hold well in the fridge if you have a 'gentle' cover on them to protect them from drying out.

Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings! This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe all in the same box. Eva and Rene let our fruit ripen on the tree much longer than if they were to pick it for the shippers! The shippers want green fruit and we want tree ripened fruit!!

Eva and Rene grow both the traditional tea roses and antique roses! The Antique rose is a little different looking then the traditional Tea Rose we are accustomed to. The Antique rose is meant to have a large center rose that opens accompanied by several side buds which may or may not open. This offers lovely contrast for bouquets! Most of the antique roses have a lovely fragrance.

Sorry for such a long email! Thanks for sticking with me!

See you Friday,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

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