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Bailey's Buying Club - Bulk Organic Beef + Ordering for Monday February 28th still open!

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Items you order are to be picked up at First United Church on Monday February 28th between 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM. Ordering will end on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 8:00 PM

***Please note - Upcoming  MONDAY pickups are March 28 and April 18 (NEW Date!). Weekly Friday pickups will resume at the end of May!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the order form is open until Tuesday at 8pm.

Today is lovely! I'm thankful for the sun and the puddles that the kids have been jumping in today. They think it's warm enough for some ice cream!

Last night's dinner was a real treat! Andrew found tamales in the freezer and we had a lovely and easy Mexican meal. The tamales are so easy to steam in the microwave or can be steamed on the stove also. I'll have to order more as well as cilantro and Creme Fraiche or Crema La Vaquita for the next Mexican night! We have lots of dried beans to make beans and rice (which was part of last night's meal) or refried beans. Mmmm!

We are running out of cheese here, so I took the opportunity to clean out the cheese drawer. My fridge has been neglected since having kids, so a quick wipe or cleaning one drawer is a big accomplishment some days!

A few notes:
  • Brenda had some garlic available. There will be heads on the spontaneous table too. March will bring fresh green garlic from Paul again 
  • Next month we will be debuting Gluten Free grains milled locally from Jamestown Mills!
  • Check out the new flavoured chocolate bars from Anna Tolazzi! I haven't tasted one that wasn't divine.
  • All the Goat Cheeses from Gordon's Goat Dairy are so great. Don't forget to get some!
  • 'Tis the season for popcorn! It's always a hit around here and you can get some from Ontario Popping corn or from Lester and Irene Brubacher.
  • Golden Hearth just increased the maximums on some of the breads that were sold out! More Spelt, Flax and Multigrain now available!
Bulk Organic Beef!
We are very excited to offer you Bulk Organic Beef directly from Vibrant Farms ( We're trying to make it easy for you to get a great deal on beef!

There are four bulk options available:
  1. Variety Starter Box - Approx. $50 - Try a variety (no custom orders, about 1-2 of each cut, half a grocery bag full)
  2. Intro Package - Approx. $150.00 ( no custom orders, several of each cut, 1 cubic ft of freezer space)
  3. Quarter Steer - Approx. $600 (limited custom orders , MANY of each cut, 4 cubic ft of freezer space)
  4. Half Steer - Approx. $1200 (full custom order, MANY MANY of each cut, 8 cubic ft of freezer space, suggested "meat swap" or splitting with family
  1. Place order for whatever quantity you want through Bailey'€™s Local Foods
  2. Set up a time to chat with Melissa at Vibrant Farms about order specifics (cuts, etc.)
  3. Receive order at Bailey'€™s Local Foods on the specified date.
Questions you may have!
Why would you want to buy beef in bulk? Is it really better to buy frozen meat instead of buying fresh? These are questions that I asked Melissa to answer and she has sent these answers and more below:

How Freezer Beef works - choose to go FROZEN
  1. convenient - like a grocery store in your basement/garage/freezer
  2. sustainable - using the whole animal
  3. variety - you get various cuts of meat to use for various occasions
  4. save money and get THE BEST quality of food
  5. support local farmers who are farming properly
  6. just as nutritious - it flash frozen, (so it goes straight from Fresh to frozen) so it doesn'€™t lose any nutrition
  7. you KNOW the farmer its coming from - in meat shops you can never be certain and organic certification requires that you are able to trace the animals back to their source
  9. Certified Organic - while it sometimes is ok to have naturally raised or traditionally raised, there are no standards around this, and no third party inspector to verify these farming practices. Many times farmers are farming properly, but it requires a conversation and a farm visit to the farm to see for yourself (and know what your looking for)
  10. Above and beyond organic - we at Vibrant Farms treat with all homeopathics, no drugs of any sort, and we also ensure proper mineralization of the soil and the feed of the animals. When most of our food is lacking in nutrients these days, it is very valuable that we get all our micro nutrients when we can get them!
Tip Of the Day from The Farmers Daughter

When buying Organic Meat - be sure to know where you stand on vaccinations. The use of vaccinations is not banned in organic standards. Be sure to inquire about how your farmer deals with sickness in their herd. Ask about what preventative measures they are taking - for example if they are using mineral premixes, crop rotating, ensuring reduced mould of hay etc etc (there are different standards about Mineral pre-mixes, and often allow for 5% to be non-organic, so ask where they get their mineral from as well). If a farmer is not operating from a preventative paradigm they will at some point likely be forced to use less favourable practices to care for their animals.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Rachael and Maryrose,
Bailey's Local Foods

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P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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