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Ordering for August 21 ends at 8:00 PM

We are only offering Niagara Fruits this week.  We'll offer the full range of local foods the week of the 28th.

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I'm going to miss the Red Haven Peaches because I'm in BC now. The good news is that it's cool and lovely (and the sky is just getting light). Yesterday we went for a three hour walk with Andrew's mom and the kids to brickyard beach and picked blackberries along the way. The best ones were bigger than my thumb around. Andrew's mother kept walking ahead with the pail so I had to eat or share with the kids most of the berries that I picked. =)

It was a long flight and I hadn't really thought about packing food until the last minute. In the cooler went a pint of blueberries, a pint of grape tomatoes, a small container of frozen hummus, a bag of tostadas (we were all out of chips) and at least a half dozen of the slicing cucumbers from Fertile Ground made for some tasty snacking on the plane. The kids each had a cuke on their tray to munch on while they watched the in seat entertainment. Not too shabby. I wish I had thrown in a bag of carrots and another container of hummus. We ate the blueberries in the parking lot and on the car ride from Nanaimo to "Nana's house" after the 14 minute flight on the Dash-8 from Vancouver. I never got around to making am with the foll box of apricots that I bought so I sent the box to my aunt for safe keeping. She enjoyed eating the apricots last week too.

Palatine is offering Purple Russian Heritage Tomatoes this week. I have just added them to the offering list so you can buy a 3 L basket this week if you wish.

Beans from Fertile Ground CSA

Angie Koch grows very tasty food. We get our CSA share from her every Tuesday and she sent us some tasty carrots and cucumber last Friday. The farm is on Carmel-Koch Road in St Agatha. This morning I got the following message from her:

It's bean season at Fertile Ground! If any of you are interested in buying bulk beans to munch on, cook with, freeze, pickle or, for that matter, build a house with, now is the time to get them. We have pole beans, bush beans, green beans, European Broad Beans, heritage Rattlesnake beans, red noodle beans, french filet beans...

Pick-Your-Own is available for the next few weeks, mostly on Wednesday & Fridays. $1.25/lb or $35/bushel (that's if you come pick-your-own).

Email Angie at fertilegroundcsa@gmail.com to place an order. If you would like to set up a time to go out to the farm and pick your own, please call Angie's cell phone at 226.747.2552 to work out a time.

Palatine Fruits
The following is a note from Mary Jane about the soft fruits and tomatoes we are offering this week:

This week brings to us the first of the white flesh peaches and pears as well as red plums! This is also the week for Red Haven peaches. We have the first of the heritage tomatoes available - the Purple Russian!

This is the peak of Red Haven season! We have plenty of Red Haven peaches available for people who want to can or freeze large quantities to have around through the winter! Please remember that we do NOT have Loring peaches this year which was also a favorite for canning and freezing! We will still have other lovely peaches that are good for canning and freezing in the next few weeks but if you would like the familiar Red Haven you will need to order them this week. This is the last week for Red Havens!

We also have the first of the White Flesh peaches! These peaches are unique in their colour as their flesh is white instead of peach! They also can, freeze and cook wonderfully!! This first variety of white flesh peach has not been assigned a name yet and is referred to as HW 271...but I will just stick to White Flesh! :-)

We are moving into the later varieties of plums. This week is the season for red plums. Two varieties comes into season around the same time but we are not quite sure which one will be in its prime this week. It will either be the Burbanks or the Ozarks...both lovely red plums for eating!

This is the first week for the early varieties of pears! The French Bartlett pears are ready for harvest. They are a smaller pear than the later varieties of pears but carry a good flavour!

We are also offering the heritage tomatoes this year! The first variety we have is the Purple Russian. It is a smaller oval tomato more in the shape and size of a Roma tomato except that it is purple! It has a full tomato flavour and presents spectacularly in salads!!

Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings! This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe, some firsts and some seconds, all in the same box!

Have a great week!
Bailey's Local Foods

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