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A few quick notes from Rachael:

Doug from McKechnie is working very had to deliver MSG free tamales to us. He thinks that there was a bit of MSG used in the meat for the tamales but they are more than 90% MSG free and he will make sure that they are 100% MSG free next time we order for August 28th. If you bought the tamales and cannot eat MSG, please contact us.

We have BULK 10 lb bags of shelled peas again this week. These are organically grown, but not certified. We think this is the last chance to get bulk peas this season. The peas are from one of the Gingerich farms outside Drayton, Ontario.

Pfenning's has white pickling cucumbers by the half bushel this week. They are from Ontario but I haven't yet confirmed that they are from within 100 miles. I'm not sure what a "white" pickling cucumber is, but I'll try to find out for Monday to tell you.

Palatine Items
This is the last week for Apricots! I'm going to make Apricot jam this week as it's my grandma's favourite. Well, maybe Andrew will make the jam while I update cheese and peanut prices.

We will know on Sunday if we have plums or French Bartlett pears to offer from Palatine. Look for them on the order page tomorrow!

Harson and Red Haven Peaches are similar. Both are freestone and great for canning. We will have Harsons this week, but are not sure if we'll get Red Havens this week. If you have a strong preference, please email to tell us what you prefer.

The Red Havens will be ready in quantity next week. Even though I'm on vacation next week we may be able to offer fruits from Niagara. We'll let you know!

Palatine is also selling us trial bouquets of their cut roses. You can get 12 Tea roses or 12 Antique roses for $15. Antique rose stems have one king rose with closed buds around. Palatine wants to know what you think of them, so please send us your feedback.

Take care,

Hi Folks,
I'm excited to take a week off of buying club and read fiction or work on a family photo album in the evenings instead of buying club.  But this is going to be a challenge for you because you'll need to order twice as much as you usually do (of the things that will keep like yogourt, cheese, green beans, potatoes, onions...).  This will be a good chance to go support Herrle's while we are closed. They are a great family, an impressive farm and a really fun store to visit. Take the kids, they'll love it.  So when you are ordering this week think "times 2".  Even for one week I found that I wasn't ordering enough. Last week we ran out of delectable veggies by Sunday night. What was I thinking only buying a small bag of carrots, small bag of beans, and a few heads of broccoli??? We'd eaten all of those in the first two days of the week. What about the 8 other meals we need to eat the rest of the week (assuming we don't eat fresh veggies for breakfast)?  So we need at least four pounds of green beans for one week (8 for two weeks) and 6 heads of broccoli (12 for two weeks!). 

Chicken soup season?
I never thought I'd be suggesting that you make soup in August but it IS the perfect weather for it. Matthew made an exquisite carrot soup yesterday that was smooth as silk and had a touch of curry.  The key to delicious soups is a good broth.  Matthew didn't use chicken bones for the broth but I did notice that he put a lot of celery in there.  Noah is offering a great deal on his pasture-raised chicken. These birds had access to the outdoors everyday.  He has packages of chicken pieces and packages of necks and backs (for broth) as well as a few more roasters. The pieces are only $2.50 a pound and the necks and backs are $2. This is such a low price because they are birds that he raised last year and have been in his freezer since Fall.  I think the official recommendation is not to store chicken pieces in the freezer for more than 6 months so he needs to move these out to your skillets and soup pots ASAP.  If you have any concerns about how long they've been frozen, don't order them. That will leave more for me : ) We recommend that you enjoy them in the next week or two. Don't store them.

Paul has a good crop of fresh beans coming in! Green, Yellow Wax and Italian Flat Pod.  Did you try the Italian flat pod beans last week? They look like they'd be tough and stringy because they are so big but they are NOT. They are tender and delish. Ezra (my two year old) ate them like pretzel sticks (just steamed with salt).  Andrew and Rachael eat them the way Rachael's grandma makes them. Steamed, then tossed with oil and vinegar and garlic. Salt too! They are great hot or better cold. Paul is offering half bushels of green beans for $27.50. Last week they were $37.50 but the price comes down as the supply goes up. So if you want to enjoy local beans this winter, now is your chance to freeze or can them.  If I had time I'd pickle them with garlic and dill but I think I'll just buy them already pickled from Erma in a few weeks. She is canning Dilly Beans for us again this year.

Peaches, Pearsauce and what else in jars?

Speaking of canning, Naamon and Salema are going to can peach slices, pear slices, pearsauce and pearapple sauce for us again this year despite having a 5 week old baby in the house. I think she is their 11th child - Joanna.  This family has a cider mill where they press custom orders of cider, make apple butter and sugar-free jams.  So they have this excellent health-inspected facility where they can preserve our custom order too!  Now that the last cannery east of the Rockies in Canada closed down last year, Naamon and Selema are one of the few people who can put the goodness of summer into a jar for us so that we can enjoy it in the Winter. One member already asked me to reserve 25 jars of canned peaches for her. Should I take pre-orders? It would help me to hear from you how many jars of pearsauce and pearapple sauce you'll be wanting this year.  Let me know if you want more than 6 jars of the pearapple sauce (especially those of you who know how good it is). It will be thicker this year. It will still be unsprayed pears and low-spray apples.  We'll also have straight pearsauce. Send me an email with an estimate of how many you're wanting. The prices are for 750 ml glass jars (a case is 12 jars):
$4.00 pearapplesauce ($45/case = $3.75 ea)
$4.25 pearsauce ($48/case = $4.00 ea)
$3.50 applesauce ($39/case = $3.25 ea)
I want to order enough that we will still have some to sell in April. If you help me estimate, maybe we won't run out in January. Thanks for your help! You don't need to let me know about peaches because I KNOW we'll run out of those by January. They are so labour-intensive to can that Naamon and Salema can only do about 25-35 bushels for us.

Sweet Corn is SWEET

Selema says that lots of sweet corn is ripe! And the price has come down a bit. It's sweet corn season!!! I ate my first sweet corn today - four cobs as an afternoon snack. YUM. I love knowing that Selema and Edward are not using toxic chemicals on the corn.

New yummies this week
I asked Bread and Bretzel to make us whole wheat soft pretzels. I grew up going to a soft pretzel restaurant in Indiana where the whole wheat pretzels are yummy dipped in sweet mustard or cheese sauce. I can't offer the mustard or cheese sauce but you can improvise, I'm sure.  We need to place a minimum order of 6 dozen in order for it to be worth Karen's while to make a batch.  Lena has radicchio for us this week. Maybe Rachael can teach me how to eat it. Selema has stunning gladiolas and long sweet beets called Cylindra.  Have you made a beet and potato salad with hard-boiled eggs?  Don't forget the fresh dill. Selema also has more gorgeous heads of lettuce and Spanish onions. 

Justice-Flavoured Peaches

Another reason the soft fruit tastes so good from Palatine is because they treat the workers on their farm with respect.  One of our buying club members interviewed workers on farms in the Niagara region including workers at Palatine. She says that Palatine has a VERY good reputation for being a good place to work while many other farms, unfortunately, do not.

Closed the week of Aug 21

Another reminder that we are closed for the week of August 21. Don't forget to stock up for two weeks.

Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your big fruit boxes, jars from preserves and egg cartons (from eggs you bought at Bailey's) again if you return them.

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