Monday, June 23, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Fellow Berry Lovers,

I know it seems disloyal or something to think of raspberries just
when you're beginning to taste strawberries but the raspberry season
will begin soon. I've found a farmer near St. Jacobs who has agreed to
not spray his patch, just for us. He's risking losing berries to
fungis and disease so I really hope it is all goes well for his
berries this season.

The raspberry season is less than a month long so eat em while you
can. There is a Fall raspberry variety but they are hard to find.
Raspberries freeze effortlessly (put into bag and freeze) and are like
candy in the Winter. My kids like to suck on them frozen. I like to
put them into cobblers and crisps.

Like strawberries, raspberries are on the list of top 10 fruits and
veggies to buy organic because of heavy chemical residues.

Ivan Brubacher says his raspberries are large, red and sweet.. He
only sells them the same day he picks them so they are super-fresh.

Orders will be taken on a first come - first serve basis. If Ivan runs
out of berries for us I'll fill the orders that came in earlier and
are at the top of the spreadsheet. If the supply holds out, you can
order more during the harvesting time.

I included a special pick-up on two mondays during the raspberry
season. On these two days you can get a flat of raspberries at a
reduced cost. Ivan is charging the same but I am lowering my mark up.
I think farmers should charge the same for bulk as it takes the same
amount of people hours to pick each pint in a flat as it does a single
pint. Have you ever picked raspberries? How much would you charge for
a pint you picked? I'd charge about $12. Or refuse to sell it : )

So think ahead to how many local raspberries you want to be eating in
Winter. I'm imagining juicy thawed raspberries turning my February
bowl of yogurt pink.


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