Monday, July 7, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Folks,

I've had a request to offer the sausages again. Apparently they
disappeared quickly at her house. So here they are and this time I'll
make sure to get the nitrate free weiners. As before, the sausage is
free of msg, nitrates, and gluten (from Stemmler's).

This is my first week selling eggs. They are from farmers near Elmira
that send them to OK Egg Farm to be graded. The ones I'm offering are
free-range in barns and fed a feed mixture with flax seed to add omega

Tomatoes have been hard to source because only a few farmers are
growing them in greenhouses and everyone wants them with the
salmonella scare. I've offered them this week in smaller quantity in
case the new higher price is intimidating. Field tomatoes will be
coming in a few weeks so hang in there.

We are staying with a Friday pick up day. (Not moving to Wed.). Always 3:30-6.

I look forward to see you all on Fridays,

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