Monday, July 28, 2008

Bailey's BC - Buy enough for two weeks. No pick up Aug 8.

Dear Local Eaters,

My dad and I are going to take a little break and not do the buying
club next week. Now is your chance to stock up.
My family and I are going on a get-away to Matthew's parents'
almost-working farm. My dad will stay home and feed the hens.

I also want to tell you that if everything goes as planned, I'll be
offering blueberries for the week of Aug 15. These berries are from
Simcoe, are conventional and are in bulk. I'll be selling 12 pint
flats for $32. In that trip we'll also be picking up Peanut Oil,
peanut butter and peanuts. We'll take orders for that on that same
week. I'm trying to avoid pre-orders as it is extra complicated for
everyone. Aug 15 will probably be the only day that I'll have
blueberries for sale. In case you don't know, they freeze
effortlessly. Just rinse and throw into bags of containers.
I also want to tell you that we want to have a picnic potluck here
September 20 for supper for Buying Club folks. It will be a true
potluck, no coordinating. You'll have picked up your local food the
day before and this will be your chance to share and taste other
peoples local recipes. What will be in season then? Um, everything.
So bring your food, bring your lawn chairs and picnic blankets, bring
your kids and come eat together. The 21st is the Taste Local! Taste
Fresh! local food event (which I HIGHLY recommend). The previous week
the authors of the 100 Mile Diet are in town so it will be a time of
great HOOPLAH about local food. Good hooplah. We can't celebrate local
food too much. So put it on your calendars and more details will come
closer to the time.


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