Monday, July 7, 2008

Bailey's NEWS: No-Spray Tropical Fruits!!

Hi Fruit Lovers,

I can't wait until next week to tell you. I know I've already sent two
emails today (three counting the form!) but this is too exciting to
wait). I found someone who will connect us to no-spray tropical fruits
AND I can pick them up in Waterloo. This week there are two varieties
of sweet cherries available. The farmers use organic methods but are
not certified. See the explanation below:

" Due to the weather this year there have been many Ontario cherry
farmers who have had to abandoned their fruit trees because all the
cherries have split. Eva and Rene (the farmers) have cherries because
of the nature of their farming. They explained to me that they use
compost instead of chemical fertilizer so the trees are not forced
into producing large fruit at a fast pace. Because of this they have
only experienced some splitting compared to the other farmers in the

The varieties available this week are 'Hedelfigen' which are smaller
than the 'Lapins' which is a jumbo cherry. Because the Hedelfingen are
a bit smaller (similar to the size of the Cavalier last week), the
price is $40.00 for 20lbs and $21 for 10lbs. The Lapin are a bigger
cherry and the price is $45.00 for 20lbs. and $24.00 for 10 lbs. "

Please let me know via email if you want any of these 10 or 20lb
amounts before Wednesday at 10AM.

In the future I'll include these on the order form.

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