Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club orders for tropical fruits of ON

Hi Folks,

I'm going to go ahead and send an order for some of the succulent
"tropical fruits" from the warmer areas of ON (still within 100 miles,
thank goodness!). I can not guarantee that I will secure these but I
will do my best. If I have your order then I know what kind of buying
power I have. The more I order, the more eager they will be to sell
and ship to me, I'm assuming. Here is what I'll try to source:

Sweet Cherries
Season: yesterday
Note: There was a late frost that zapped many of the blossoms. The
farmer I talked to said that the season was very short and is over
Sour Cherries
Season: starting July 15
Uses: fresh eating if you like sour flavours, frozen for winter
baking, dried for granola, in breads and gorp
Note: I can get these already pitted and packed into 11lb pails with
or without sugar. You can then freeze them in the pail or in smaller

Apricots and Peaches
Season: end of August? (I'm not sure!)
Uses: mmm, fresh peach juice running down the chin, canned to eat
straight up, canned or frozen for winter baking. Apricot platz is a

Season: September
Uses: fresh, pearsauce, canned to eat straight up, canned or frozen
for winter baking. Dried they are REALLY yummy too.
Note: I'd like to source Bartlett pears and Asian pears. The Asian
ones are the ones you eat crispy and they last longer for fresh fruit
to eat in December.

Season: Mid July to Mid August.
Uses: fresh like candy, frozen for winter baking, smoothies, and to
suck on frozen like little round popsicles.

How to order tropical fruits

Since this is the first year of doing this, I'm going to ask you to
fill out two order forms. First the ESTIMATED order form which is not
a real order form. This will help me in ordering the fruit from
farmers. Closer to the day of pickup I will send a REAL order form.
I don't know what most of the prices are yet. Please go ahead and
order assuming that you are okay with the price. Remember, this is not
a real order form and you will not be held to it.
I'm assuming that I'll only be able to find conventionally-grown
fruits. I'll keep asking for non-sprayed but place your order assuming
that they are conventional.
We'll probably only get one shipment of each of these (transporting
them is the big cost) so assume that you'll receive all you order in
one installment.
Can you place your ESTIMATED order by July 12 so that I can know what
sort of quantities I am looking for? If it is a small amount, I'll
source it differently than a truckload.
Feel free to invite others you know to place tropical fruit orders
through you. They can also order independently if you forward the
Google DOCS link to them.

Canola Oil and Sunflower Oil
I have a lead on local organic canola and sunflower oil. I could sell
it for $3 a litre but I can only get it in 1000 litre container! That
means each of us would need to buy 15 litres of oil. I'm guessing that
is too much. Let me know if you have ideas for how to sell/use 1000
litres of organic local canola or sunflower oil. Maybe your Aunt
makes 1000s of donuts and wants to use local oil?

Thank you,

PS I sent out an invite to view the raspberry order form so that you
can check what you've ordered if you've forgotten. First shipment of
raspberries is next week!

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