Monday, July 28, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Folks,

This week may be the last of the lettuce until Fall. It's hard to keep
lettuce growing in the middle of the summer. Consider switching your
salads to spinach instead.

Selema says that they are hoping to keep us eating fresh (and
unsprayed!) sweet corn until frost hits! The price will go down in a
couple weeks. This first corn is more expensive because they plant it
in raised beds and work extra hard keeping it covered with a fabric
row-cover to protect it from early frosts.

Murray says that he'll have grape tomatoes for us next week. So hang in there.

This week don't miss the honey options, maple syrup, raspberry jam
from hail berries, and bulk spinach and beets.

If you choose "other" be sure to click in the circle and then add your
number in the box.

Happy Local Eating,

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