Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bailey's Raspberries Later than Expected

Hi Folks,

The raspberry farmer called me yesterday to tell me the raspberries
are a week later than expected (he doesn't have a phone so I depend on
him to call me). This throws a wrench in our neatly organized pick up

I've attached an excel file with all of your names and the revised
pick up days. Please look at it and make sure it has the amount you
intend to order and that you are able to pick up on that day. If not,
please consider asking a neighbour to pick up for you. I can also see
if it will work to switch you to a different pick up day if you email

From the strawberry orders I've learned that I need to charge you for
your orders whether you pick them up or not. With fruits like this,
they are so perishable that when someone forgets to pick up an order
of fruit I am left with a significant investment that is quickly
rotting. I had to give away strawberries after a couple Fridays. It
was fun to bless people with beautiful berries - but it is not
sustainable for me to do that. I do not have the ability to keep
large orders of fruit chilled and do not want to run a big cooler for
just a few pints of berries. So... if the fruit is yours whether you
pick it up or not. I'll wait until Saturday morning to give it away
but will still need to charge you for it.
Thank you for your understanding,

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