Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club oops

The tea from Little City Farm makes 10 POTS per box, not just 10 cups.

This is also your reminder that orders are due Wed at 9PM. "Why?" you
ask. At 9:01 I start phoning the farmers to let them know what I hope
to pick up Fri morning. They then go to bed at 9:35ish and wake up the
next morning knowing what they need to harvest and pack for us.

Pick up is 3:30-6PM at my house. 72A William St. West Waterloo. Down
the long lane behind 72. Cheques are a great way to pay. Cash is okay
too. Bring your own boxes and bags. Don't come in a hurry because this
is not a store. Efficiency is great but not our ultimate goal. Our
ultimate goal is to get local food flowing into KW and nurture
connections between people who want to eat more local diets and change
this wacky food global food system we invented a few decades ago. So
when you come, bring a thermos of tea and hang out. Buy a cookie, say
hi to the hens in the backyard, admire the beautiful children, eat a
peach... Revel in the bounty of this land.

Thank you

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