Monday, June 30, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club - Local Pasture-Raised Turkey and Chicken

Hi Friends,

Do you wish you could eat local chicken and turkey but it is too
inconvenient to buy it? I've started a business: Bailey's Local Foods.
My mission is to make it easier for city folks to buy local food.
This chicken and turkey is raised by Miriam and Mervin Gingerich near
Newton (25 min drive from Waterloo). The unique thing about this
turkey and chicken is that it is raised ON PASTURE. This means that
the birds are happier and healthier than indoor birds. They also
produce better-tasting and healthier meat. The Gingerichs have the
birds slaughtered at a licensed facility. All the meat is frozen.

The July chickens arrive on the 18th so I need your order for them by July 11.

If you have any questions, email me at

The farmers and Bailey's Local Foods thank you,

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,

This week we have hamburger, fresh veggies, cheese, and baked goods.
Baked goods are from Melinda Bowman in Yatton. Peanuts, peanut butter
and popcorn are not on the order form but will be for sale on Friday.

We are staying with a Friday pick up day. (Not moving to Wed.). Always 3:30-6.

I look forward to see you all on Fridays,

Slicing Tomatoes by the flat - greenhouse
$22 per flat - if they're available

Slicing Tomatoes half a flat
$11 per half-flat - if they're available from the auction

Grape Tomatoes
$3.25 per pint - if they're available from the auction

Buttercrunch Lettuce
$2 per head - unsprayed from Selema

Romaine Lettuce
$2 per head - unsprayed from Selema

$2 for 3 - unsprayed from Selema

$2 each - organic from Bowman's

$2 each - organic from Bowman's

Green Onions
$2 each - unsprayed from Selema

$2.50 a bag - unsprayed from Selema or Wideman's

$3.00 for 7 - unsprayed from Paul and Saloma

$2.50 for 2 cups - unsprayed from Erma

$2.50 /bunch - unsprayed from Erma

Brick Cheese
$14.75/kg ~2.5kg =~$37

Pure Parmesan Grated (no filler)
$20/kg 2kg ($40)

Italian Mozzarella
$12/kg ~2.5kg (~$30)

Monterey Jack
$14/kg ~2.5kg (~$35)

Brick with Caraway
$14.75/kg ~2.5kg (~$37)

Brick with Hot Pepper

Brick with Onion and Garlic

$17/kg ~2.5kg (~$42)

$3.25/lb - grass and grain fed, no hormones or steroids, from Jeff Stager

Strawberries - No Spray
$4.25/qt (go ahead and order, they may or may not be available)

Nine Grain Bread

Nine Grain Sausage Buns

Nine Grain Hamburger Buns

Chelsea Buns no nuts

Chelsea Buns with walnuts

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Schedule of when things are offered

I forgot to attach it last night.

Please don't hold me to this schedule. I'm taking my best guess at how
this will all work. Let's call the schedule an "estimate".

Pick up day Honey/syrup chicken turkey beef Pb


Grains Baked goods eggs Preserves Southern


June 6 x x
June 20 x
June 27 x x
July 4 x x x x
July 9 x x
July 16 x x x
July 23 x x x x
July 30 x x x x
Aug 6 x x x
Aug 13 x x x x
Aug 20 x x x x
Aug 27 x x
Sept 3 x x x x
Sept 10 x
Sept 17 x x x x
Sept 24 x x x x x
Oct 1 x x
Oct 8 x x
Oct 15 x x x x x
Oct 22 x x
Oct 29 x x x x x
Nov 28 x x x x x x x x
Dec 17 x x x x x
Jan 14 x x x x x x x
Feb x x x x x x
March x x x x x x x
April x x x x x
May x x x x x x x x

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Fellow Berry Lovers,

I know it seems disloyal or something to think of raspberries just
when you're beginning to taste strawberries but the raspberry season
will begin soon. I've found a farmer near St. Jacobs who has agreed to
not spray his patch, just for us. He's risking losing berries to
fungis and disease so I really hope it is all goes well for his
berries this season.

The raspberry season is less than a month long so eat em while you
can. There is a Fall raspberry variety but they are hard to find.
Raspberries freeze effortlessly (put into bag and freeze) and are like
candy in the Winter. My kids like to suck on them frozen. I like to
put them into cobblers and crisps.

Like strawberries, raspberries are on the list of top 10 fruits and
veggies to buy organic because of heavy chemical residues.

Ivan Brubacher says his raspberries are large, red and sweet.. He
only sells them the same day he picks them so they are super-fresh.

Orders will be taken on a first come - first serve basis. If Ivan runs
out of berries for us I'll fill the orders that came in earlier and
are at the top of the spreadsheet. If the supply holds out, you can
order more during the harvesting time.

I included a special pick-up on two mondays during the raspberry
season. On these two days you can get a flat of raspberries at a
reduced cost. Ivan is charging the same but I am lowering my mark up.
I think farmers should charge the same for bulk as it takes the same
amount of people hours to pick each pint in a flat as it does a single
pint. Have you ever picked raspberries? How much would you charge for
a pint you picked? I'd charge about $12. Or refuse to sell it : )

So think ahead to how many local raspberries you want to be eating in
Winter. I'm imagining juicy thawed raspberries turning my February
bowl of yogurt pink.


Buying Club boxes can be returned

Hi Folks,

Please return the strawberry flats if you can. The tomato and grape
tomato flats too - if you want to. I can return these to the farmers
for re-use if they are not wet or dirty. I cannot return the grape
tomato clam shell containers so those will have to be shipped to China
: ( via Waterloo Region recycling depot. You can return the boxes
anytime (not just at pick-up day) and put them on my porch or in the
carport. Someday I'll have a nice porch again... renovation deadline
is July 30.

Also, I'm attaching the schedule for when I plan to be offering
different products. If you like to plan ahead, this will be helpful.
If you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants and be surprised, this
will be irrelevant to you.


If you want to see and hear our backyard hens giving their statement
on YouTube click here : or
if that doesn't work type in the search words: Waterloo Hens.

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,

It's a long list today, folks. Don't glaze over and miss out on any of
the juicy options.

We've got lots of categories today: fresh from the garden goodies plus
BBQ meats, deli meats, breads, and sweets.

How much deli meat for a crowd? One pound makes approx 6 sandwiches.

How many chelsea buns for breakfast for the cousins staying overnight? Lots.

Why are the tomatoes getting more expensive? The scare about imported
tomatoes and salmonella has increased the demand and, therefore, price
of local tomatoes.

Let me know what your family and friends say about the local food you
share with them this weekend. I'm always interested in feedback.

This order is due by 9PM on Wed.
See you Friday!

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,

It's a long list today, folks. Don't glaze over and miss out on any of
the juicy options.

We've got lots of categories today: fresh from the garden goodies plus
BBQ meats, deli meats, breads, and sweets.

How much deli meat for a crowd? One pound makes approx 6 sandwiches.

How many chelsea buns for breakfast for the cousins staying overnight? Lots.

Why are the tomatoes getting more expensive? The scare about imported
tomatoes and salmonella has increased the demand and, therefore, price
of local tomatoes.

Let me know what your family and friends say about the local food you
share with them this weekend. I'm always interested in feedback.

This order is due by 9PM on Wed.
See you Friday!

baby carrots and deli meats

Hello Local Eaters,

Hold on to your hats! We've got LOTS of very exciting local food
coming your way. Just in time for the long weekend we've got
all-local deli meats from Bailey's Local Foods, amazing options for
the grill (anyone grilling this weekend?) AND the first carrots of the
season - baby carrots. Plus the perfect bread and buns you need for
the sandwiches.

Here are some ideas of what to serve this weekend: sausages and
hotdogs on buns from Bowman's Bakery in Yatton with a broccoli salad
(add a chocolate cake and you've got Mona's requested menu for her
three year old birthday party this Monday). OR 100 Mile deli meat
sandwiches with slices of local tomatoes and lettuce and cheese (if
you've got any still from Oak Grove) with a spinach and strawberry
salad and kohlrabi sticks. Bean dip with lots of green onion and
fresh tomato served with tortilla chips and chased with strawberry
pie. Sounds easy. Sounds yum.

I'm excited to be offering the line of all-local deli meats I
developed with Stemmler Meats: 100 Mile Deli Meats. Vincenzo's is
selling these as well. I won't be offering them again until September
so if you like what you ordered here, you can find more of it at
Vincenzo's. The sausage is from Stemmler's. They've got a GREAT store
in St. Clements, I highly recommend stopping there. They have a whole
array of local food. I have gotten to know the owners there and I am
happy to be promoting their products. They work hard to make their
products healthier. Their whole facility is msg and gluten free. They
even have nitrate free hot dogs (frozen)! I'm offering their all-beef
no-nitrate weiners. They are more brown then red and come frozen.
Nitrate is what gives the colour you are used to. I'll take a browner
colour over nitrates any day!

Sad strawberries news folks, I don't have enough no-spray to fill the
orders. I'm buying all that three farmers will sell me and I still
can't meet the demand from you! The farmers promise that they'll have
LOTS more next year as they have more plants ready to produce next
year. I'll be asking many of you to take less than you ordered and
I'll be prioritizing filling the orders of those who ordered very
early. Low spray are also not available as Susanna reports that the
crop is a failure this year. I'll be picking up conventional
strawberries at the Elmira Produce Auction (produce from within a
radius of 70k) to fill the low-spray orders. If you want to change
your order because they are conventional, just send me an email. The
GOOD NEWS is that no-spray raspberries are almost here and the farmer,
Ivan, promises lots of them. They are big and red and sweet, he says.
I'll send out a raspberry order form soon. Ivan thinks the first
harvest will be July 7.

The pea season is just beginning so the price for a half bushel will
go down as they get more plentiful. I think they should charge for
the fun of shelling them.

Spinach. Now is the peak for spinach. If you want a quantity to freeze
you should order in the next week or two. Freezing requires washing
the leaves thoroughly, steaming them briefly and then putting them in
the freezer. Yes, I'm afraid conventional spinach is another one of
those dirty top 10 with lots of chemical residues. Here's a website
with a list and explanation:

I'll send the order form later today. Watch for the email from Google
DOCS where it gives you a link to follow to the order form. It is due
by 9PM on Wed. Pick up is Friday 3:30-6.

I'll also be sending a schedule of when certain products are offered
so that you can plan ahead when to stock up on things.

Happy eating,

PS Coming next week: peanuts, peanut butter, popcorn and cheddar cheese!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

reminder to order by 9PM tonight

Hi Folks,

Since the farmers requested more time to harvest before I pick up
their treasures, I need order forms sent in by 9 tonight. If you miss
this deadline today there will be a grace period. You can go ahead and
order still and I'll do my best to fill it.

See you here on Friday!
You can meet our hens in the backyard too. Zacheus and Bok Bok.

With respect,

Monday, June 16, 2008

Uptown Waterloo Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,

Strawberries!! Our first local fruit is here! Most of you ordered
ahead of time (and thank you for that). I have your orders. If you are
unsure what you ordered or want to make sure I have your correct order
you can now view the Google DOCS spreadsheet. You'll be receiving an
email that tells you that you've been given viewing access to the
Uptown Waterloo Strawberry Google DOCS spreadsheet. Click on that link
and it will take you there. Let me know if you have trouble seeing it.

I'll be giving viewing access now to most of the spreadsheets. This
means that everyone will be able to see the comments you send me. So
don't write anything embarrassing! If you want to tell me something
you'd rather not be viewed by the whole group, email me directly.

If you would like to order more strawberries for the following two (or
three?) weeks (this week is sold out), I'll be including strawberries
on next week's order form.

Need some honey or maple syrup to go with those fresh berries and
cream? I'll be picking up both from Naomi Weber. I'm excited to have
found Naomi, she is a farmer committed to not using chemicals even
though that meant tilling her strawberry plants under this Spring
because they were infested with uncontrollable weeks (rather than
spraying them with herbicides).

Wish we had crunchy baby carrots but it is still too soon. To hold you
over in the crunch department let me recommend kohlrabi. It is very
good peeled, sliced thinly and lightly salted to eat raw. Great
crunch! Mild broccoli-like flavour. My kids love it.

I'm also stopping at the Mennonite bakery in West Montrose. I had a
few items for sale from here before. If you like fluffy bread, this
is a treat. Her pies, tarts and cookies are good too.

If you don't know what garlic scapes are, they are the curly top of a
garlic plant. They make an excellent garlic pesto.

This week's orders are due Wed evening at 9PM. I'll send out a
reminder. The farmers need more time to harvest so I need to move up
the deadline.

Happy Eating,

Spinach and Strawberry Salad Time

Hi Neighbours,

Okay, We're organized. We've got a clear plan. We're ready to go again.

Have you had your first taste of local strawberries yet? I bought some
in Michigan that were big and beautiful and bland. Yuck. I'm looking
forward to some tasty local ones.

What percent of diet do you want to be local food? I'm aiming for 50%
this year. Now with this buying club it suddenly seems doable where
before it felt overwhelming. When I was pregnant with Ezra I don't
think even 10% of our grocery money was going to local food. So 50%
feels very exciting. Who says you need to give up salads in Winter?
Not I. I'm just advocating that we replace all the imported tomatoes
with local tomatoes. I'd also like to see more people dabbling in the
art of preserving food. It isn't all scary popping jars of hot liquid
: ) So that's why I'm organizing this Bailey's Local Buying Club. It
will help me get more local food onto my table and I hope it does the
same for you. I lie in bed smiling at the thought of all of our money
going to local farmers instead of Loblaws. I'm also having fun
getting to know the farmers. I'm hoping that some of them will join us
for a picnic in the Fall.

Here are the details of how this local buying club will be working.
Note that there is no need to buy bulk with most items and there is no
user fee. If you know of others in the neighbourhood that may be
interested in Bailey's Local Buying Club now that the bulk emphasis is
removed, please forward this email to them.

Mission of Bailey's Local Buying Club

To make it easier for families in KW to buy, preserve and eat food
from local farmers.
To nurture interest in our local food culture.
To support local farmers and encourage them to grow more people food.

Food Source

All food will be from within 100 miles of my house. I'm committed to
buying from the smaller farmers, mills, bakers, processors, canneries,
etc… The food ingredients may not be 100% local (for example bread may
be made locally but not from all-local ingredients – yet!) but it will
be as local as I can find.

Why a Buying Club?

Each family needs to find a local food-buying system that works for
them. For some grocery stores work best. For some the farmers market
works well, others love CSAs, others prefer to pick up from the
farm-gate. This Buying Club is one more option. The Buying Club is
handy for some because members can pick and choose what they want each
week. Bailey's Buying Club offers more than produce and offers food
year round – even in the deep and dark of Winter.

Bailey's Buying Club is not a store. We do not offer 24/7 convenience.
It DOES require thinking ahead to order what your household will eat
that week (or month). Each item is not available each week so some
items may be available only every couple months (flour, for example).
This means you may want to put flour in a large ice cream bucket or in
bags in the freezer so that you have enough until it is offered again.
We also don't claim to be as efficient as Zehrs. We are better
organized now but it will take more than a few minutes to pick up your
food so plan to not rush it, if you can. You can also take turns doing
pick-up with a fellow member. Because Bailey's is not a store, we have
lower over-head costs and can keep our mark-up lower. We are committed
to paying farmers a fair price for their goods so the food will rarely
be a "bargain" but it will be "reasonable" when you consider all the
labour and energy that went into producing it.

The perks of Bailey's Buying Club are that you'll find solidarity with
other folks in the neighbourhood who want to eat more locally.
Pick-up day can be way more fun than a grocery store trip. Kids play
in the backyard, neighbours run into each other and cookies draw
people in. The weekly emails from me, Nina, sometimes offer a few
practical tips about how to use what is in season and how to preserve
it. Buying your food through Bailey's also means that much more of
your food dollars are going to local farmers than if you shopped at a
grocery store. Your produce is also fresher than from a grocery store
since it was picked the morning or, sometimes, day before you pick it
up at my house.

Annual Schedule

Bailey's Local Buying Club will offer fresh produce and other foods
from May-Oct with weekly pick-ups. Bailey's will offer root vegetables
and other foods monthly from November-April.

Food Offered

Bailey's offers a variety of organic, conventional and no-spray foods:

Fresh Produce – includes hard-to-find no-spray strawberries and
raspberries, no-spray sweet corn, Fall salad greens, greenhouse
tomatoes in early Spring, melons…

Winter vegetables – includes cabbage, potatoes (no-spray), sweet
potatoes, onions, turnip, celeriac, parsnip, carrot and salad mix from

Grains – organic flours and grains from Oak Manor near Tavistock

Southern ON fruits – sweet cherries, sour cherries, peaches,
blueberries, and apricots

Dried beans – from near St. Mary's (includes soup mixes)

Peanuts and Peanut Butter – from near Simcoe

Pasture-raised chicken – from the Gingerich family near Newton
(available frozen), no hormones, antibiotics, or GMO in the feed.

Eggs – from near Mount Forest (birds not in cages and fed high-quality
grain so that their egg yolks are dark orange). I'm still looking for
a source of eggs from pasture-raised hens.

Beef – from near Ayr. Farmer Jeff Stager rarely uses antibiotics (for
example in the past six months he's given two steers antibiotics), no
hormones, no steroids, no animal byproducts in the feed. Mostly

Preserves – pear sauce, pear juice, applesauce, salsa, and more.

Baked goods – from a local baker in West Montrose. Pies, tarts, bread, cookies.

Cheese – from Oak Manor in New Hamburg. Goat and sheep cheese coming too.

Other: Honey and Maple Syrup, Nuts (hopefully!), popcorn, canola oil, pasta

Pick Up Location

My house down the long lane at 72A William St. West. Please walk or
bike if you can.

Pick Up Times:

Starting July 9 the pick-up day will be Wednesday afternoon 3:30-6PM.
I will send out the order form on Friday and it will be due by Monday
at 9PM.

The Fine Print

If we do not receive enough orders one week to pay the expenses of
running the buying club that week, we will postpone the trip until the
next week.
Some weeks I will not offer local food because I'm on vacation or due
to family illness. I will try to let you know ahead of time when a
week is approaching that there will not be a pick-up day.
I do not have a refrigerated truck. I haul produce, eggs, and cheese
in an air-conditioned vehicle and coolers. Frozen meat is packed into
coolers and transferred to a freezer at my house. I am not a
warehouse and cannot store food here. We will be getting a fridge and
freezer for eggs and frozen meat to keep them cold on pick-up day but
they will not be on the rest of the week.
We are figuring this out as we go. This is a new system for connecting
urban consumers with food from local farms. We ask for your
understanding and good humour as we figure this out.
Local food is dependent on local weather, local insects and local
sweat. If farmers have difficulty finding enough pickers or a drought
wipes out half of their yields or insects infest the sweet corn you
were counting on – this means something you order may not be available
when you come to pick it up.

I'll send an order form out later today.

The farmers and Bailey's Local Foods thank you for buying local food,

Nina Bailey-Dick and Wendell Bailey

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club Feedback

Hi Neighbours,

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill this in. It got longer than
is ideal. If you only have time for a few questions, please do the
first 10 and the second to last question about changing the pickup day
from Friday to Wednesday.

The farmers keep asking me how much I'll want of green beans, peas,
tomatoes etc.. so that they know how much to plant for me. I say "I'm
only guessing what the members of my buying club will buy." Estimating
how much you will buy and how much the farmer will harvest will always
be a guessing game. But this feedback form will help me guess a little
more accurately this first year. If I guess more accurately the
farmers we are buying from will more likely have what we are wanting
to buy. Farmers don't grow a lot of extra of anything because they do
not want it to rot in the fields.

I'm excited to be working with Selema and Edward Martin. They have 10
acres in produce (that is a lot of land in veggies and a LOT of work!)
and grow an impressive variety. They also strive to be chemical free.
They will be one of the main farms that I buy from. They just wish I
had talked to them two months earlier BEFORE they planned and planted
for this year. So do I. I didn't know I was going to be running a
buying club two weeks ago!

Thank you for your time,

Monday, June 2, 2008

no Uptown Waterloo Local Buying Club this week

Hi Neighbours,

I'm going to take a two week sabbatical from the Uptown Waterloo
Buying Club. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for you. Better to take
a break now when not much fresh produce is available then later when
there is so much exciting variety.

This week I'm going to focus on getting more organized so that pick-up
can go more smoothly. Maybe I'll even buy a new computer!?

Next week I'm going to a wedding in Indiana so I'll not be local.

I'm also going to take time this week to stop and listen and look at
the big picture of what is happening here. Are we on the right track?
Is this sustainable? Is this expandable? How big is a good size? How
could I start a second neighbourhood buying club? Is this the
honeymoon period and interest will wane in buying local food? I don't
want to rush into this but create it and grow it intentionally so that
it will last for a long long time.

Your thoughts, observations, critiques and input are particularly
valuable. Rather than fill out an order form this week I'm humbly
asking you to fill out a feedback form. If you do it quickly it will
take 3 minutes. If you take your time and write a lot - it will take
more, of course. This form will can be anonymous if you choose to not
fill in your name. I'll send it out tomorrow.

Feel free to keep referring other neighbourhood folks to me. We'll
all start fresh the week of June 20 with our first tastes of local

Thank you for your understanding as we are breaking new ground here
and figuring out how to make eating locally work in our lives.
With respect,

PS In order to try to avoid that error message "something bad has
happened" I am sending you a link to go to the form rather than the
form itself. Hopefully that will help reduce the "bad things" that can

Bailey's Buying Club Feedback

Hi Neighbours,

Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill this in. If you only have
time for a few questions, please do the first 10.

You're the best,