Monday, June 16, 2008

Uptown Waterloo Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,

Strawberries!! Our first local fruit is here! Most of you ordered
ahead of time (and thank you for that). I have your orders. If you are
unsure what you ordered or want to make sure I have your correct order
you can now view the Google DOCS spreadsheet. You'll be receiving an
email that tells you that you've been given viewing access to the
Uptown Waterloo Strawberry Google DOCS spreadsheet. Click on that link
and it will take you there. Let me know if you have trouble seeing it.

I'll be giving viewing access now to most of the spreadsheets. This
means that everyone will be able to see the comments you send me. So
don't write anything embarrassing! If you want to tell me something
you'd rather not be viewed by the whole group, email me directly.

If you would like to order more strawberries for the following two (or
three?) weeks (this week is sold out), I'll be including strawberries
on next week's order form.

Need some honey or maple syrup to go with those fresh berries and
cream? I'll be picking up both from Naomi Weber. I'm excited to have
found Naomi, she is a farmer committed to not using chemicals even
though that meant tilling her strawberry plants under this Spring
because they were infested with uncontrollable weeks (rather than
spraying them with herbicides).

Wish we had crunchy baby carrots but it is still too soon. To hold you
over in the crunch department let me recommend kohlrabi. It is very
good peeled, sliced thinly and lightly salted to eat raw. Great
crunch! Mild broccoli-like flavour. My kids love it.

I'm also stopping at the Mennonite bakery in West Montrose. I had a
few items for sale from here before. If you like fluffy bread, this
is a treat. Her pies, tarts and cookies are good too.

If you don't know what garlic scapes are, they are the curly top of a
garlic plant. They make an excellent garlic pesto.

This week's orders are due Wed evening at 9PM. I'll send out a
reminder. The farmers need more time to harvest so I need to move up
the deadline.

Happy Eating,

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