Monday, June 2, 2008

no Uptown Waterloo Local Buying Club this week

Hi Neighbours,

I'm going to take a two week sabbatical from the Uptown Waterloo
Buying Club. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for you. Better to take
a break now when not much fresh produce is available then later when
there is so much exciting variety.

This week I'm going to focus on getting more organized so that pick-up
can go more smoothly. Maybe I'll even buy a new computer!?

Next week I'm going to a wedding in Indiana so I'll not be local.

I'm also going to take time this week to stop and listen and look at
the big picture of what is happening here. Are we on the right track?
Is this sustainable? Is this expandable? How big is a good size? How
could I start a second neighbourhood buying club? Is this the
honeymoon period and interest will wane in buying local food? I don't
want to rush into this but create it and grow it intentionally so that
it will last for a long long time.

Your thoughts, observations, critiques and input are particularly
valuable. Rather than fill out an order form this week I'm humbly
asking you to fill out a feedback form. If you do it quickly it will
take 3 minutes. If you take your time and write a lot - it will take
more, of course. This form will can be anonymous if you choose to not
fill in your name. I'll send it out tomorrow.

Feel free to keep referring other neighbourhood folks to me. We'll
all start fresh the week of June 20 with our first tastes of local

Thank you for your understanding as we are breaking new ground here
and figuring out how to make eating locally work in our lives.
With respect,

PS In order to try to avoid that error message "something bad has
happened" I am sending you a link to go to the form rather than the
form itself. Hopefully that will help reduce the "bad things" that can

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