Monday, June 23, 2008

Buying Club boxes can be returned

Hi Folks,

Please return the strawberry flats if you can. The tomato and grape
tomato flats too - if you want to. I can return these to the farmers
for re-use if they are not wet or dirty. I cannot return the grape
tomato clam shell containers so those will have to be shipped to China
: ( via Waterloo Region recycling depot. You can return the boxes
anytime (not just at pick-up day) and put them on my porch or in the
carport. Someday I'll have a nice porch again... renovation deadline
is July 30.

Also, I'm attaching the schedule for when I plan to be offering
different products. If you like to plan ahead, this will be helpful.
If you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants and be surprised, this
will be irrelevant to you.


If you want to see and hear our backyard hens giving their statement
on YouTube click here : or
if that doesn't work type in the search words: Waterloo Hens.

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