Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Last chance to order strawberries. The first week may be sold out but

you can go ahead and order and we'll see how many are picked. It all
depends on the weather and bugs.

Why are no-spray strawberries more expensive? The farmers are taking a
significant risk in not spraying their plants. They risk losing their
crop to a variety of ills: a fly that infects the blooms and makes the
berries shriveled, a fungus that destroys the berries before they are
ripe and an infestation of weeds. They need to do all their weeding
all year by hand and tool rather than herbicides (this is VERY labour

So I've found farmers who have agreed to not spray their plants this
year for us (no spray $4.25/qt). I've also found a farmer that felt
she needed to just spray the blossoms to keep away that terrible fly
(low spray $4/qt).

I'm thinking strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.... I can hardly
wait to see Ezra's reaction to his first strawberry (he's 10 months).


Bailey's Buying Club - Local Pasture-Raised Turkey and Chicken

Hi Neighbours,

If you've ordered turkey or chicken already and are happy with your
order - you can ignore this order form.
If you haven't ordered yet, here is your chance.

Here is the handy form for ordering Turkey and Chicken.
Even if you're not ready to fill your freezer with local chicken and
turkey, consider trying one of each so that you can compare it to your
other chicken. As I said before, I'm convinced that pasture-raised
poultry is the best. Best tasting, best for the environment, most
healthy. The more poultry we can feed on pasture and less on
corn/grain, the better. Not only are grain prices rising as we see in
the newspapers, but the Omnivour's Dilemma pointed out that almost
everything we eat now is from corn or corn fed animals (milk, eggs,
chicken, beef, soft drinks, etc...) Anyway, all I'm suggesting is that
you try a taste test. I'd like to hear your feedback.

If you're looking for super convenience check out the turkey breast
(use in any recipe that calls for chicken breast, of course) and the
chicken parts (easy on the grill).

Cooking tip: 3 easy meals from one chicken. 1. Put a frozen chicken in
the crockpot or roaster in the oven with carrots and potatoes. When
ready, serve it to your family (and hope they don't eat the whole
chicken). 2. After supper remove the rest of the meat from the bones
and boil the bones for an hour. Put the meat in the fridge and the
broth in the freezer. Use the meat and leftover potatoes and carrots
to make a stew for the next meal. 3. Take out the broth and use it as
a base for a simple brothy soup with whatever is in season thrown in
(my kids love brothy soups).

New deadline for orders: June 5
All items will be frozen

Whole Chickens for July Pick-up
# of chickens @ $3.25/lb (about 8lbs each)

Parts package of chicken for July Pick-up
# of packages @ $4.50/lb (two breasts, two wings, two legs, two thighs
= one "parts package" of chicken)

Meaty chicken bones for broth by the pound for July Pick-up

Whole Chickens for August Pick-up
# of chickens @ $3.25/lb (about 8lbs each)

Parts package of chicken for August Pick-up
# of packages @ $4.50/lb (two breasts, two wings, two legs, two thighs
= one "parts package" of chicken)

Meaty chicken bones for broth by the pound for August Pick-up

Whole Chickens for September Pick-up
# of chickens @ $3.25/lb (about 8lbs each)

Parts package of chicken for September Pick-up
# of packages @ $4.50/lb (two breasts, two wings, two legs, two thighs
= one "parts package" of chicken)

Meaty chicken bones for broth by the pound for September Pick-up

Whole Turkeys for October 3rd Pick-up
# of turkeys @ $4.20/lb

Turkey breasts for November 28 Pick-up
# of breasts @ $7.20/lb

Turkey parts (on the bone) by the pound for November 28 Pick-up

Meaty turkey bones for broth by the pound for November 28 Pick-up

Turkey sausage - unsmoked by the pound for November 28 Pick-up

Turkey sausage - smoked by the pound for November 28 Pick-up

Turkey bologna by the pound for November 28 Pick-up
$6.70/lb (freezes well)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

end of asparagus and rhubarb

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to tell you that the season for asparagus and
rhubarb is short and will only be a week or two more. So if you want
to freeze them, now is the time. Both freeze VERY EASILY. Just chop
and toss into bags. I don't even wash it if it doesn't look dirty
(don't tell the dinner guests). Frozen asparagus does not win any
texture prizes but is great roughly chopped in the food processor,
lightly steamed and tossed into pasta or casseroles. Also good pureed
in soups. Frozen rhubarb is great in all baking recipes: coffeecake,
muffins - and sauces. When it's baked I can't tell if it was fresh or

When I look into my chest freezer I feel wealthy. "We're rich! We're
rich!" I've been heard to exclaim when I open the lid.

When I visit these farmers I'm getting to know and I see what they're
planting for the season I hear the same words in my head: We're rich!
We're rich! We have such an incredible variety and abundance of local
foods growing here! If you freeze a couple bags here and a bag or two
there, soon you're freezer will be full of local foods and you'll be
eating like queens in the Winter.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,
Local produce AND local grains, flours and cheese available this week too - May 30. The next time I offer grains, flours and cheese will be in about 8 weeks so order enough to last you at least that long.

Culinary tip of the evening: The soft whole wheat flour from Oak Manor is excellent in cookies, muffins, pancakes and cakes. It does not make them super-dense like generic whole wheat from the store does.

-Orders are due by 9PM Thursday (I phone farmers at 9:02 with orders). I'll send a reminder out Wed night.
-Pick-up is 3:30-6 Friday.
-Bring cash or cheque and bags or boxes.
-Eating local food is fun : )

Slicing Tomatoes by the flat - greenhouse
$18 per flat (about 20 tomatoes) greenhouse

Slicing Tomatoes by the half-flat - greenhouse
$9 per half-flat (about 10 tomatoes) greenhouse

Grape Tomatoes - greenhouse
$2.50 per pint

Buttercrunch Lettuce - greenhouse
$1.25 per head

Asparagus from Sam and Ellen Bowman - no spray
$4/lb unsprayed

Rhubarb from Lydia Martin - no spray
$2.00/lb unsprayed

Green Onions from Brenda Knechtal - no spray

Radishes from Brenda Knechtal - no spray

Spinach in a bigger bag - Bowman's and Horst's
$4/bag (a bag is about 1/2lb)

Soft Whole Wheat Flour (for non yeast baking)
$4.25/1.25kg organic and grown and milled locally

Soft Whole Wheat Flour BULK
$20/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Soft Unbleached Wheat Flour
$4.50/1.25kg organic and grown and milled locally

Soft Unbleached Wheat Flour BULK
$22/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Whole Spelt Flour
$5.50/1.25kg organic and grown and milled locally

Whole Spelt Flour BULK
$30.75/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Unbleached Spelt Flour
$5.50/1.25kg organic and grown and milled locally

Unbleached Spelt Flour BULK
$34/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Rye Flour
$4/1kg organic and grown and milled locally

Rye Flour BULK
$21.50/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

$4.25/1.25kg organic and grown and milled locally

Cornmeal BULK
$24.25/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Quick Oats
$4.25/1kg organic and grown and milled locally

Quick Oats BULK
$30.75/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Rolled Oats
$4.25/1kg organic and grown and milled locally

Rolled Oats BULK
$30.75/12kg organic and grown and milled locally

Flax Seeds
$6.50/1kg organic and grown and milled locally

Brick Cheese
$14.75/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

Pure Parmesan Grated (no filler)
$20/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

Italian Mozzarella
$12/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

Monterey Jack
$14/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

Brick with Caraway
$14.75/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

Brick with Hot Pepper
$14.75/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

Brick with Onion and Garlic
$14.75/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

$17/kg made in New Hamburg from real milk

local flours, grains, and cheese available this week too

Hi Neighbours,

My house smells like rhubarb coffee cake and I'm looking forward to
MORE asparagus for lunch. I like it steamed, on top of toast with
melted cheese on top...everyday. Thank goodness it is Spring!

Okay, this week we'll also be offering local flours, grains and cheese
from the New Hamburg area. The flours/grains are actually grown AND
milled within 100k of uptown waterloo. Oak Manor Farm is the place
that mills it. It is also organic! Organic may not be important for
some of you but when I found out that it is normal practice to spray
the inside of non-organic flour bags with insecticide to keep bugs
away, I suddenly found the organic not quite so expensive : ) This
flour is stone ground with nothing removed. Did you know regular whole
wheat in the store is white flour with bran thrown back in? This flour
has all of its original goodness intact (if you get the whole grain).
I keep my flours in big sealed buckets. That way I can buy big bags
(which cost less than little bags). The cornmeal is the only thing I
buy in small bags because it gets old quickly. I even keep it in my
fridge or freezer. Are you wondering where to get big sealed buckets?
I've got a few extra for the first who ask for them. I also know that
the DQ near us on King will save big buckets with lids if you request
it. Hard wheat flours will be available this Fall.

The local cheese is from Oak Grove Cheese in New Hamburg. I'm only
listing the varieties that they make there (they sell some from
Quebec). The great thing about Oak Grove is that the cheese is made
from real cows milk rather than "milk products". If you look at the
cheap cheese at the supermarket you'll often see "milk products"
listed. This is imported from the States because it is cheaper than
the regulated Canadian milk. The States allows growth hormones in
their dairy cows and is more lax about testing for antibiotics and
such. I know, I milked cows at a farm in Indiana for two very cold
winters. So I don't want to eat US cheese. I want to eat cheese from
within 100k (okay, maybe miles) of my house. The cheese comes in
blocks about 2.5kg. Opened, this lasts a month in the fridge. Unopened
it will last for several months. I buy a few blocks and use the food
processor to shred up two of them and put them in smaller bags in the
freezer. We then easily eat the other block in the fridge before it

It may sound like a lot of cheese (2.5kg) but if you are hosting a
party in the next couple months or your family likes cheese as much as
mine, you'll have no trouble using it. Even though the block will not
be exactly 2.5kg it WILL have an exact price on it when you come to
pick it up.

We're trying something new this week. I'm sending you a link for a
google "form". Click on it (coming in an email soon) and you'll see a
handy order form. Let me know what you think of doing your ordering
this way as I'm considering using this every week.

Apparently procrastination DOES pay. For those of you who missed the
deadline to order chicken and turkey, I'm sending it out this week as
a handy order form and you have until May 30 to order. If you already
ordered, there is no need to fill in the form. I have your order.

Good news! Next week you can order ahead for local beef.

See you Friday,

Friday, May 23, 2008

Order for May 23 + turkey and chickens coming!

Hi Folks,
This week we have the same local Spring vegetables available to order as last week.
Local Produce for the week of May 23:

Slicing Tomatoes
By the flat - $18 (about 20 tomatoes in a flat)
or half-flat - $9 (about 10 tomatoes)

Grape Tomatoes
By the pint - about $2.50 each
Buttercrunch Lettuce
By the head - $1.25 each
English Cucumbers
By the half-dozen - $6

$3.50/lb unsprayed. Grown by Lydia and Aden Martin.

$2/lb unsprayed. Not sure where I'll find it yet!
Green Onions
Reminders: orders are due by 9PM Thursday. Pick-up is 3:30-6 Friday. Bring cash or cheque and bags or boxes.
Local Pasture-Raised Turkey and Chicken Coming!
I've found a farmer who is ready to raise us some happy and healthy turkey and chickens. Miriam and Mervin Gingerich live near Newton and are all-natural but not organic. For them this means that they do not use any chemicals on their farm. The only difference between them and organic is that they are not buying the organic feed for their animals (they feel it is too expensive). They are buying feed that is antibiotic and hormone free, no steroids and no GMO. Their turkeys and chickens are all raised on pasture where they get to eat grass and bugs. I've raised chickens and turkeys this way and I am a firm believer that this is the BEST kind of turkey and chicken you can find. The broth that pasture-raised birds give is GOLDEN and the meat is naturally high in good oils. It's the kind of meat that lowers cholesterol. The meat is not soft and mushy like factory birds - but it is also not tough. It is delicious without any seasonings, even. It is full of good real chicken flavour because these birds live happy lives outside. I'll have samples of their sausage and deli meat at the June 20 pick-up.
Please go ahead and order now assuming that you'll LOVE the taste and then if you do not, you are free to change your order. I've not tasted the deli meat but the sausage was extremely delicious. My kids snarfed it down and asked for more. It's great on the BBQ. It is the leanest and healthiest sausage I've found: no msg or nitrates AND the birds are raised on pasture. It just doesn't get any better than that. The farmers need to know our orders by this Friday (May 23) so that they know how many chicks to get. Keep in mind that this is a YEAR'S WORTH of sausage, turkey and chicken that you are ordering. As far as I know they will not be available after the dates given here. So fill up the freezer while you can. Math tip: if your family eats about one chicken a week that means you might consider putting 52 chickens in your freezer : ) If that is too big of a leap for you as you shift from grocery-store eating to local eating, consider putting 20 in the freezer. Farmers can't raise chickens on pasture in the Winter - that is why it is only available Summer and Fall. Here are the details:
Frozen Chicken - available mid July, end of Aug and end of Sept (pick-up dates to be announced)
$3.25/lb whole (around 8lbs each)
$4.50/lb parts in a package (breasts, legs, thighs, and wings)
$1.25/lb meaty bones for broth (neck and back)
Frozen Turkey - available Oct 10 and Nov 28
$4.20/lb whole (Oct 10 pick-up only)
$4.20/lb parts in a package (legs, thighs and wings)
$7.20/lb boneless breast
$6 /lb turkey sausage (turkey, potatoes, oats, water, sea salt, black pepper, ascorbic acid, garlic powder) - unsmoked
$6.70 turkey sausage smoked
$6.70 turkey deli meat (turkey, soda crackers, salt, pickle cure, corn syrup, pepper, coriander seed, mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, ground cloves) - smoked. Does contain nitrates.

Your Order (please hit reply and fill this out)
July Pick-Up
___lbs whole chicken (about 8lbs each) - $3.25/lb
___lbs parts package of chicken (two breasts, two wings, two legs, two thighs = one "parts package" of chicken) - $4.50/lb
___lbs meaty bones for broth $1.20/lb
Aug Pick-Up
___lbs whole chicken - $3.25/lb
___lbs parts package of chicken - $4.50/lb
___lbs meaty bones for broth $1.20/lb
Sept Pick Up
___lbs whole chicken - $3.25/lb
___lbs parts package of chicken - $4.50/lb
___lbs meaty bones for broth $1.20/lb
Oct 3 Pick-Up
# of whole turkeys ____ $4.20/lb
Nov 28 Pick-Up
___lbs turkey breast $7.20/lb
___lbs turkey parts with bone $4.20/lb
___lbs meaty turkey bones for broth $1.20/lb
___lbs turkey sausage unsmoked $6.00
___lbs turkey sausage smoked $6.70
___lbs turkey bologna $6.70

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I found spinach!

Hi Neighbours,

I can add spinach to the list of what is available for Friday pick-up.
Selema Martin grows all her vegetables chemical-free so the spinach is
100% healthy.

$2/bag (a bag is about 1/3lb)
Orders are due by Thursday 9PM. Pick-up Friday 3:30-6. Bring bags and
boxes and cheque or cash.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What other local foods do you want to buy through the Buying Club?

Let me know what you'd like to be able to pick up here on Fridays and I'll try to find a source. Please put an X in front of the items you're interested in:
X the items you are interested in
baking flours (cornmeal, wheat flours, spelt flour)
grains (oats, wheat berries, flax seeds)
baking mixes (pancake mix, cornbread mix, cake mix)
dried beans
nuts (hazelnuts, northern pecans, heartnuts, black walnuts)
canola oil
beef cuts
fresh (not pre-cooked) beef sausage (all natural)
turkey cuts
turkey sausage (all natural)
whole turkeys
pork cuts
fresh (not pre-cooked) pork sausage (all natural)
deli meats (what kind?)
chicken pot pies
beef pot pies
vegetarian pot pies
chicken whole
chicken pieces
cheese, cow's milk
cheese, sheep's milk
cheese, goat's milk
lard (I'm not joking!)
applesauce in a jar
applesauce in a bucket that you seal into your own jars
pearsauce in a jar
salsa in a jar
tomatoes in a jar
tomato sauce in a jar
relish, green
cider to freeze
cider in a jar
grape juice
other ___________________________

Sunday, May 18, 2008

clarification on strawberries and ordering

Well that was fun. Our first Friday pick up for the Uptown Waterloo Local Buying Club. It was good to meet many of you. My son Foster and his cousin Saloma enjoyed selling chocolate chip cookies (not all-local) and milk during the pick-up time. They are using the money they made to go to the indoor playground this week.
I just can't get enough of that tender asparagus. I should've ordered 8lbs for my family since I'm eating more of my fair share. I found a farmer who sells unsprayed asparagus for a lot less. I've raised her price and I can still lower your price to $3.50/lb.
Okay, a few items of business below and two more emails to come. One about ordering meat, the other asking you what else you'd like to buy through our buying club. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and patience as we figure out how to make this work for all of us - including the farmers. I welcome your suggestions and feedback at any time.
Strawberries (unsprayed)
I've gotten strawberry orders from about half of you. I'm guessing that at least 95% of you LOVE strawberries. Why pay extra for "unsprayed"? Strawberries are rated as one of the foods with the highest pesticide residues. Please take a moment now and order (see below). If you're wondering how much to order I can tell you that quite a few members are ordering 10 quarts a week. That is enough for fresh eating and putting 10-15 quarts into jam or the freezer. In one month they'll be here! I found another farmer who will refrain from spraying her strawberries for us so feel free to order berries for friends and family too. The price is. $4.25/quart. They come in flats of 8 quarts. Please send in your orders by Thursday May 22.
I made the dates confusing for ordering strawberries. Here are the real dates for strawberry pick-up. Please indicate if you want no-spray or conventional
June 20 - I'd like ____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional?)
June 27 - I'd like____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional?)
July 4 - I'd like____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional?)
Paying with cash or cheque is fine (cheque is easiest)
Reminder that pick-up is between 3:30 and 6PM on Fridays
*Please remember to bring bags or boxes for hauling home your food

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Local Bulk Buying Club

Hi Neighbours,
I was thinking I would wait to start the buying club until strawberry
season but I'm having a hard time finding local vegetables for my family
so I thought we'd start now. Who'd like some cucumbers, lettuce and
tomatoes for the picnics and salads you're yearning to take and make?
I'll head out to the Elmira Produce Auction on Friday and can bring back
some tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers that the Old Order Mennonite Farmers
in the area are growing in their greenhouses. I ate their tomatoes last
week and they were surprisingly good. Not like an heirloom tomato straight
from the garden - but good. I also found organic asparagus and rhubarb
grown by Saloma and Paul Bowman who are just getting into organic farming.

Place your order for the following by 9PM Thursday (May15).
Pick it up at my house between 3:30 and 6PM Friday (we are down the long
lane behind 72 William). Remember to bring bags and boxes to haul the
goods home. We won't have plastic bags.
Prices will be firmed up on Friday.

Local Produce for the week of May 12:

Slicing Tomatoes
By the flat - $12-$14 (about 20 tomatoes in a flat)
or half-flat - $6-7 (about 10 tomatoes)

Grape Tomatoes
By the pint - about $2.50 each

Buttercrunch Lettuce
By the head - $1.25 each

English Cucumbers
By the half-dozen - $6

$4.50/lb transition organic (soon will be officially organic). Grown by
Saloma and Paul Bowman

$2/lb transition organic (soon will be officially organic), Grown by
Saloma and Paul Bowman

Mmmm, fresh strawberries... I know it is only May but if you order your
strawberries from me now, I'll be better able to find enough farmers to
fill the orders. Freezing strawberries is very easy. Some wash, stem and
chop and throw a strawberry mush into the freezer (great for smoothies)
while others insist it is better to freeze them loose on a cookies sheet
and then put them into bags or containers after they are frozen. However
you do it, they are also good in crisps and cobblers when mixed with other
berries. How do you like to use your frozen strawberries?

Okay, so say the strawberry season is three weeks from the week of June 16
to June 30. If I'm offering three deliveries of strawberries, how many do
you want each week? Please specify if you want no-spray strawberries or
conventional strawberries. I'd suggest cutting and pasting the following
few lines into your reply to me.

June 20 - I'd like ____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional)

June 27 - I'd like____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional)

July 4 - I'd like____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional)

If you want to make a 100 Mile Sandwich, starting Friday you can find
all-local deli meat at Vincenzos. Bailey's Local Foods has developed and
supplied the all-local deli meat. You'll find Black Forest Ham that was
raised and slaughtered within 20 miles of here (near St. Jacobs), Smoked
Turkey Breast raised and slaughtered 70 some miles from here (here being
my house), and All Natural Roast Beef from about 70 miles from here. The
beef is hormone and steroid free, raised on pasture until 100 days before
slaughter when it is then fed an all-vegetarian corn diet (no animal
by-products). Vincenzo's also sells bread from Golden Hearth (near the
market in Kitchener) that offers a Spelt Bread (100% local), Whole Wheat
(90% local) and Rye (50%) local. Still no local mayo and mustard. I've
found the local canola oil and mustard so we're getting closer!

With respect,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Local Bulk Buying Club

Hi Folks,
Are you interested in buying local food but haven't figured out how to do it in a consistent way (all year) that works for you and your household?
I am starting a business called Bailey's Local Foods. My goal is to make it more convenient for retailers and families to buy local food. One arm of this business is to run a Local Bulk Buying Club from my house. Think of it like an ONFC buying club for those of you who have done that. Like ONFC, the focus is on BULK. If you want three tomatoes or a pint of raspberries, I ask that you hop over to Vincenzo's to buy that. Yes, Vincenzo's! They will begin carrying local produce this year. I am organizing this buying cub with my dad, Wendell Bailey. He'll often be the driver. He's a nice guy, you'll like him : )
There are a few criteria for being a member of this buying club.
  1. If you are wanting a larger quantity of fruits or vegetables to freeze, dry, can or host (or you're like me and when strawberries are in season I eat them breakfast lunch and dinner) then you meet the first criteria of a member for this buying club.
  2. Another criteria for membership is that you live close enough to me (72A William St. W between Euclid and Avondale) that you REALLY WILL walk or bike over here with a bike trailer or wagon to pick up the goods. We're trying to cut down on the driving needed to access local food. Plus my driveway will be impassable if a few of you drive.
  3. The other criteria is that your priority is NOT cheap food. I am committed to giving the farmers fair prices for the food they sell me. Sometimes I'll even offer more then they are asking because farmers notoriously under-price themselves. I want these farmers to expand their fruit and vegetable growing because it is profitable for them. The more people food they grow, the stronger is our local food security. I often won't know the exact prices before I go to the farm on Friday. I will add a mark-up of about 20% (more if the gas prices keep going up) to the produce. FYI, most stores add 50-80% on fresh produce because of loss from spoilage. The only reason you'll find cheaper produce in grocery stores is because they often use produce like strawberries as "loss leaders" to draw people in. They lose money on the berries but they count on the customer spending enough on other things to make up for the loss. This practice hurts local farmers because people expect farmers to charge the same amount as these grocery stores.
If you meet these criteria (this is up to you to decide) then here is how it works. First of all, you email me if you want to be a member. I put you on an email list. I will be buying bi-weekly. I'll email you Monday nights to let you know what is available that week. You have until Thursday 9PM to email me with your order. Pick-up is Fridays 3:30-6. We do not have refrigeration so if you are concerned about something you ordered getting too warm, come at 3:30. We will be transporting it in air-conditioning and timing it so that it is picked up only an hour or two earlier on Friday.
I've been talking to a lot of farmers this Spring and putting in orders for a few things. Some things I'm excited about this year that I've found already are:
  • sweet potatoes (not many local farmers grow these)
  • organic sweet corn (nearly impossible to find!)
  • unsprayed strawberries
  • unsprayed raspberries
  • greenhouse slicing tomatoes, grape tomatoes and cucumbers from the end of April to the end of November
  • pearsauce and applesauce in a jar (keeps 2 years)
  • salsa in a jar
  • low-spray apples
  • a few farmers that store and sell the following until April: sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes, apples, parsnips, beets
Not everything I source will be organic or unsprayed. Let me know if this is important to you. With the bi-weekly emails I'll often include a note about how long something is available ("only two weeks left for raspberries!") and ideas for putting food up for Winter ("Now is your chance to dice up a half bushel of sweet peppers and throw them in the freezer. They are great for casseroles, pizzas, stirfries, omelets..."). This buying club might begin to feel like a Seasonal Eating Support Group : ) (I know I could use one...)
Below are some price estimates:
organic or chemical free sweet corn (!) ($5/doz)
organic or chemical free garlic ($5/lb) (easily stores under a bed and lasts till April)
organic or chemical free potatoes ($.63/lb)
organic or chemical free broccoli ($1.85/head)
organic or chemical free winter squash ($1.25/lb)
organic or chemical free onions ($44/bushel)
organic or chemical free green podding peas ($56.25/bu)
organic or chemical free Green or yellow beans ($56.25/bu)
non-sprayed strawberries ($4.10/qt)
organic or chemical free raspberries ($5/qt)
conventional raspberries ($4.25/qt)
blueberries ?
sweet potatoes ($1/ea)
organic potatoes ($.85/lb)
beets ($20/half bushel)
carrots ($16/half bushel)
I'll also experiment with picking up local ice cream, nuts, grains, and cheese based on your orders.

Wow, this has become a long email. I hope it has not overwhelmed you. I'm trying to make buying local food EASIER here, not overwhelming. Feel free to pass this email on to others in the neighbourhood who are also interested in buying bulk local food (I don't have emails for very many people). Send me an email if you are interested or have further questions. Of course, there is no pressure to join if you are a friend of mine. I only want you to do this if it seems like a good fit for you and will increase the amount of local food you eat.
With respect,