Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club

Last chance to order strawberries. The first week may be sold out but

you can go ahead and order and we'll see how many are picked. It all
depends on the weather and bugs.

Why are no-spray strawberries more expensive? The farmers are taking a
significant risk in not spraying their plants. They risk losing their
crop to a variety of ills: a fly that infects the blooms and makes the
berries shriveled, a fungus that destroys the berries before they are
ripe and an infestation of weeds. They need to do all their weeding
all year by hand and tool rather than herbicides (this is VERY labour

So I've found farmers who have agreed to not spray their plants this
year for us (no spray $4.25/qt). I've also found a farmer that felt
she needed to just spray the blossoms to keep away that terrible fly
(low spray $4/qt).

I'm thinking strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.... I can hardly
wait to see Ezra's reaction to his first strawberry (he's 10 months).


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