Friday, May 23, 2008

Order for May 23 + turkey and chickens coming!

Hi Folks,
This week we have the same local Spring vegetables available to order as last week.
Local Produce for the week of May 23:

Slicing Tomatoes
By the flat - $18 (about 20 tomatoes in a flat)
or half-flat - $9 (about 10 tomatoes)

Grape Tomatoes
By the pint - about $2.50 each
Buttercrunch Lettuce
By the head - $1.25 each
English Cucumbers
By the half-dozen - $6

$3.50/lb unsprayed. Grown by Lydia and Aden Martin.

$2/lb unsprayed. Not sure where I'll find it yet!
Green Onions
Reminders: orders are due by 9PM Thursday. Pick-up is 3:30-6 Friday. Bring cash or cheque and bags or boxes.
Local Pasture-Raised Turkey and Chicken Coming!
I've found a farmer who is ready to raise us some happy and healthy turkey and chickens. Miriam and Mervin Gingerich live near Newton and are all-natural but not organic. For them this means that they do not use any chemicals on their farm. The only difference between them and organic is that they are not buying the organic feed for their animals (they feel it is too expensive). They are buying feed that is antibiotic and hormone free, no steroids and no GMO. Their turkeys and chickens are all raised on pasture where they get to eat grass and bugs. I've raised chickens and turkeys this way and I am a firm believer that this is the BEST kind of turkey and chicken you can find. The broth that pasture-raised birds give is GOLDEN and the meat is naturally high in good oils. It's the kind of meat that lowers cholesterol. The meat is not soft and mushy like factory birds - but it is also not tough. It is delicious without any seasonings, even. It is full of good real chicken flavour because these birds live happy lives outside. I'll have samples of their sausage and deli meat at the June 20 pick-up.
Please go ahead and order now assuming that you'll LOVE the taste and then if you do not, you are free to change your order. I've not tasted the deli meat but the sausage was extremely delicious. My kids snarfed it down and asked for more. It's great on the BBQ. It is the leanest and healthiest sausage I've found: no msg or nitrates AND the birds are raised on pasture. It just doesn't get any better than that. The farmers need to know our orders by this Friday (May 23) so that they know how many chicks to get. Keep in mind that this is a YEAR'S WORTH of sausage, turkey and chicken that you are ordering. As far as I know they will not be available after the dates given here. So fill up the freezer while you can. Math tip: if your family eats about one chicken a week that means you might consider putting 52 chickens in your freezer : ) If that is too big of a leap for you as you shift from grocery-store eating to local eating, consider putting 20 in the freezer. Farmers can't raise chickens on pasture in the Winter - that is why it is only available Summer and Fall. Here are the details:
Frozen Chicken - available mid July, end of Aug and end of Sept (pick-up dates to be announced)
$3.25/lb whole (around 8lbs each)
$4.50/lb parts in a package (breasts, legs, thighs, and wings)
$1.25/lb meaty bones for broth (neck and back)
Frozen Turkey - available Oct 10 and Nov 28
$4.20/lb whole (Oct 10 pick-up only)
$4.20/lb parts in a package (legs, thighs and wings)
$7.20/lb boneless breast
$6 /lb turkey sausage (turkey, potatoes, oats, water, sea salt, black pepper, ascorbic acid, garlic powder) - unsmoked
$6.70 turkey sausage smoked
$6.70 turkey deli meat (turkey, soda crackers, salt, pickle cure, corn syrup, pepper, coriander seed, mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, ground cloves) - smoked. Does contain nitrates.

Your Order (please hit reply and fill this out)
July Pick-Up
___lbs whole chicken (about 8lbs each) - $3.25/lb
___lbs parts package of chicken (two breasts, two wings, two legs, two thighs = one "parts package" of chicken) - $4.50/lb
___lbs meaty bones for broth $1.20/lb
Aug Pick-Up
___lbs whole chicken - $3.25/lb
___lbs parts package of chicken - $4.50/lb
___lbs meaty bones for broth $1.20/lb
Sept Pick Up
___lbs whole chicken - $3.25/lb
___lbs parts package of chicken - $4.50/lb
___lbs meaty bones for broth $1.20/lb
Oct 3 Pick-Up
# of whole turkeys ____ $4.20/lb
Nov 28 Pick-Up
___lbs turkey breast $7.20/lb
___lbs turkey parts with bone $4.20/lb
___lbs meaty turkey bones for broth $1.20/lb
___lbs turkey sausage unsmoked $6.00
___lbs turkey sausage smoked $6.70
___lbs turkey bologna $6.70

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