Sunday, May 18, 2008

clarification on strawberries and ordering

Well that was fun. Our first Friday pick up for the Uptown Waterloo Local Buying Club. It was good to meet many of you. My son Foster and his cousin Saloma enjoyed selling chocolate chip cookies (not all-local) and milk during the pick-up time. They are using the money they made to go to the indoor playground this week.
I just can't get enough of that tender asparagus. I should've ordered 8lbs for my family since I'm eating more of my fair share. I found a farmer who sells unsprayed asparagus for a lot less. I've raised her price and I can still lower your price to $3.50/lb.
Okay, a few items of business below and two more emails to come. One about ordering meat, the other asking you what else you'd like to buy through our buying club. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and patience as we figure out how to make this work for all of us - including the farmers. I welcome your suggestions and feedback at any time.
Strawberries (unsprayed)
I've gotten strawberry orders from about half of you. I'm guessing that at least 95% of you LOVE strawberries. Why pay extra for "unsprayed"? Strawberries are rated as one of the foods with the highest pesticide residues. Please take a moment now and order (see below). If you're wondering how much to order I can tell you that quite a few members are ordering 10 quarts a week. That is enough for fresh eating and putting 10-15 quarts into jam or the freezer. In one month they'll be here! I found another farmer who will refrain from spraying her strawberries for us so feel free to order berries for friends and family too. The price is. $4.25/quart. They come in flats of 8 quarts. Please send in your orders by Thursday May 22.
I made the dates confusing for ordering strawberries. Here are the real dates for strawberry pick-up. Please indicate if you want no-spray or conventional
June 20 - I'd like ____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional?)
June 27 - I'd like____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional?)
July 4 - I'd like____ quarts of strawberries (no-spray or conventional?)
Paying with cash or cheque is fine (cheque is easiest)
Reminder that pick-up is between 3:30 and 6PM on Fridays
*Please remember to bring bags or boxes for hauling home your food

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