Tuesday, May 27, 2008

end of asparagus and rhubarb

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to tell you that the season for asparagus and
rhubarb is short and will only be a week or two more. So if you want
to freeze them, now is the time. Both freeze VERY EASILY. Just chop
and toss into bags. I don't even wash it if it doesn't look dirty
(don't tell the dinner guests). Frozen asparagus does not win any
texture prizes but is great roughly chopped in the food processor,
lightly steamed and tossed into pasta or casseroles. Also good pureed
in soups. Frozen rhubarb is great in all baking recipes: coffeecake,
muffins - and sauces. When it's baked I can't tell if it was fresh or

When I look into my chest freezer I feel wealthy. "We're rich! We're
rich!" I've been heard to exclaim when I open the lid.

When I visit these farmers I'm getting to know and I see what they're
planting for the season I hear the same words in my head: We're rich!
We're rich! We have such an incredible variety and abundance of local
foods growing here! If you freeze a couple bags here and a bag or two
there, soon you're freezer will be full of local foods and you'll be
eating like queens in the Winter.


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