Monday, June 23, 2008

baby carrots and deli meats

Hello Local Eaters,

Hold on to your hats! We've got LOTS of very exciting local food
coming your way. Just in time for the long weekend we've got
all-local deli meats from Bailey's Local Foods, amazing options for
the grill (anyone grilling this weekend?) AND the first carrots of the
season - baby carrots. Plus the perfect bread and buns you need for
the sandwiches.

Here are some ideas of what to serve this weekend: sausages and
hotdogs on buns from Bowman's Bakery in Yatton with a broccoli salad
(add a chocolate cake and you've got Mona's requested menu for her
three year old birthday party this Monday). OR 100 Mile deli meat
sandwiches with slices of local tomatoes and lettuce and cheese (if
you've got any still from Oak Grove) with a spinach and strawberry
salad and kohlrabi sticks. Bean dip with lots of green onion and
fresh tomato served with tortilla chips and chased with strawberry
pie. Sounds easy. Sounds yum.

I'm excited to be offering the line of all-local deli meats I
developed with Stemmler Meats: 100 Mile Deli Meats. Vincenzo's is
selling these as well. I won't be offering them again until September
so if you like what you ordered here, you can find more of it at
Vincenzo's. The sausage is from Stemmler's. They've got a GREAT store
in St. Clements, I highly recommend stopping there. They have a whole
array of local food. I have gotten to know the owners there and I am
happy to be promoting their products. They work hard to make their
products healthier. Their whole facility is msg and gluten free. They
even have nitrate free hot dogs (frozen)! I'm offering their all-beef
no-nitrate weiners. They are more brown then red and come frozen.
Nitrate is what gives the colour you are used to. I'll take a browner
colour over nitrates any day!

Sad strawberries news folks, I don't have enough no-spray to fill the
orders. I'm buying all that three farmers will sell me and I still
can't meet the demand from you! The farmers promise that they'll have
LOTS more next year as they have more plants ready to produce next
year. I'll be asking many of you to take less than you ordered and
I'll be prioritizing filling the orders of those who ordered very
early. Low spray are also not available as Susanna reports that the
crop is a failure this year. I'll be picking up conventional
strawberries at the Elmira Produce Auction (produce from within a
radius of 70k) to fill the low-spray orders. If you want to change
your order because they are conventional, just send me an email. The
GOOD NEWS is that no-spray raspberries are almost here and the farmer,
Ivan, promises lots of them. They are big and red and sweet, he says.
I'll send out a raspberry order form soon. Ivan thinks the first
harvest will be July 7.

The pea season is just beginning so the price for a half bushel will
go down as they get more plentiful. I think they should charge for
the fun of shelling them.

Spinach. Now is the peak for spinach. If you want a quantity to freeze
you should order in the next week or two. Freezing requires washing
the leaves thoroughly, steaming them briefly and then putting them in
the freezer. Yes, I'm afraid conventional spinach is another one of
those dirty top 10 with lots of chemical residues. Here's a website
with a list and explanation:

I'll send the order form later today. Watch for the email from Google
DOCS where it gives you a link to follow to the order form. It is due
by 9PM on Wed. Pick up is Friday 3:30-6.

I'll also be sending a schedule of when certain products are offered
so that you can plan ahead when to stock up on things.

Happy eating,

PS Coming next week: peanuts, peanut butter, popcorn and cheddar cheese!

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