Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bailey's Local Foods Buying Club July 4

Hello Folks,

Did you have some good local eating this weekend? We sure did. The
strawberry shortcake is what stands out in my mind. We also picked
saskatoon berries from a u-pick farm near Simcoe. YUM! Saskatoon
berries will be ripe here in a day or two. You can pick them for free
- they are growing all around KW. If you know what to look for you'll
start seeing them everywhere. They are similar to blueberries. They
freeze really well - if they last long enough to make it to the

*** Bailey's Buying Club is staying with a Friday afternoon pickup (we
will not be moving to Wednesday) ***

My family and I went on a day trip to the Simcoe area to scout out
local food and have fun. We picked up local peanuts, peanut butter and
popcorn for you. I didn't have time to get orders from you before we
needed to go so these items will be on the "spontaneous purchase"
table. It was neat to meet the peanut farmers, Ernie and Nancy Racz,
and see all the yummy things they make from them. Like BBQ flavoured
peanuts. Even peanut and chocolate swirl icecream - sorry I couldn't
bring that back for you. It would've melted. I'll be taking orders
for peanuts products and popcorn in a few weeks so this week is your
chance to buy a few of each to try them decide which kinds you like
best. Non-perishable local food also makes a great host-gift, I was
realizing. "Thanks for having us for supper. Here's a jar of local
peanut butter."

We've got hamburger for the first time. I'm sourcing it from an old
friend Jeff Stager who raises them on pasture and give them grain. He
does not use hormones or steroids which, unfortunately, are the norm
elsewhere. This week we have just hamburger from him but later we'll
be getting roasts and sommersausage. He can sell 20lbs of hamburger
at a discount so try the hamburger this week and then you'll know if
you want to buy a larger amount. We'll be able to buy beef from Jeff
periodically throughout the year so you do not need to fill your
freezer with a year's worth of beef.

Did you get a chance to taste the turkey sausage samples on Friday?
Matthew grilled some for us. If you'd like some of this super-healthy
and super-yummy and eco-wonderful sausage, I'm going to be sending out
the chicken and turkey order form again today. The turkeys are raised
on pasture with no drugs. The sausage does not have nitrates or msg. I
can resend the ingredient list for the sausage if you ask me for it.
Chicken will be available July 18. Miriam and Mervin raised the birds
on pasture just for us and finally they are ready! There are still a
few available if you want to place an order you can do so on the form
I'm resending. I will also give you viewing access to the form so that
you can confirm what you ordered earlier - if you ordered (no one's
total is visible).

New fresh veggies for this week are: zuchinni, cabbage, and fresh
herbs. All unsprayed. So if you've been craving fresh pesto or a
brothy soup with dill - you can now have it - locally.

And, finally, CHEESE. I was so excited to find Jensen Cheese near
Simcoe (they even make cheddar!) but their factory is in Kingston!
Argh! So, sorry folks, no local cows-milk cheddar. I'm still looking.
We DO have more lovely cheese from Oak Grove Cheese factory in New
Hamburg again. Were you amazed how cheap it was last time? That was
because I forgot to mark it up! Consider it a birthday present. This
time I will be marking it up 25%. I'm only carrying it in larger
blocks. Remember, you can grate half of it and put it in the freezer.
Or sell half to a neighbour. When we buy in uncut blocks, it helps
keep the price down. Less packaging too!

See you on Friday,

PS If you have a child who would like to sell cookies/lemonade/tarts
with my kids at a pick-up day, let me know. We're happy to share the
prime location and the chance to learn all the skills that go along
with having a "stand".

PSS If you'd rather not receive these emails and don't want to order,
email me a "No Thank You" and I'll take you off of the list.

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