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Pork Sale ending this Week so Stock Up by 8pm tonight

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Waterloo Pick Up - Friday, September 26th
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Stock Up Stock Up  Harrington Lane

Pork prices going up Oct 3rd

FIrst off, check out the photo of the 20 lb pork box from Harrington Lane Farms! What a good looking box of meat! It's a great deal.
Stock up this week! Krista has let us know that some cuts of pork will be increasing in price next week as  their  processing fees have increased and they are bringing in winter certified organic and non GMO feed for their animals.

Soup season and lots of grapes!

It's official! It's Autumn and time for soup! Will you buy ready made soup - Broccoli cheddar, Moroccan tomato or Maple Roasted Sweet potato -  from Soup Surreal ? Will you make a hearty bone broth with the great deal on soup bones from Vibrant Farms or will you buy the Soup Stock Kit from Garden Party - better yet, will you make 'fridge soup' with all the great food you already have? Don't forget to include carrots, onion and celery...  or would you prefer leek and potato... or scotch broth with leftovers from that lovely lamb roast?

Freezing grapes and homemade Grape Juice

Have you been enjoying the lovely grapes we have from Warner's Farm ? If you would enjoy that sweet flavour all year long consider freezing grapes ! They are better than any frozen treat in the middle of winter (or on a warm day) and they make great ice cubes too! We'll share an easy recipe for grape juice on the blog soon!

    Look for:

  • Gunn's Hill cheeses - Try Five Brothers, Handeck, Oxford Harvest, Crossroad Farms, Brie, and Curds    
  • Monforte Dairy has Sheep Fresco this week - get it if you have missed it! Also, water buffalo yogurt and Tarragon Bliss - My favourite!
  • We have a great deal on soup bones from pastured, grass fed and finished beef from Vibrant Farms - and hey, the rest of he meat is amazing too!
  • Half bushels of sweet organic peppers from Lena Burkhart for $39! So great to roast and make sauce or freeze for the winter!
  • Oak Manor Flours and Grains - Stock up!
  • Fennel, shallots, candy cane beets, turnips, tatsoi and more from Fertile Ground Organic Farm
  • We still have gorgeous potted mums available
  • Tomatillos are great for making Salsa Verde
  • Mountainoak Gouda - Flavours include Premium Farmstead, Black Truffle, Cumin, Fiery, Friesan and Wild Nettle
  • 1847 Stone Ground Milling has bread flour, whole wheat cake and pastry flour, barley flour, kamut flour oat flour and rye flour available  

Niagara fruit including nectarines and seeded grapes from Warner's Farm:


  • Sovereign Coronation - A virtually seedless blue table grape. It is juicy, very sweet, blue grape. Excellent for fresh eating, preserving or juice. We have both IPM and Transitional Organic available!
  • Fredonia -  Very large deep purple grape with a thick skin, has seeds.
  • Vineland White - A small berry that is sweet without lots of flavour, has seeds.


  • Fantasia - vivid orange-red fruits with juicy yellow flesh that tastes rich and sweet and a 'free' stone 

Peaches: Please note that these late season peaches are great for canning and stay firm, even when ripe!

  • Glowingstar - This peach is from the Stellar line of peaches. It is non-browning and has a deep red skin over a bright yellow melting flesh. The flesh has a lovely red colour around the pit. It has sweet flavour and is completely freestone.
  • Cresthaven - A sweet, juicy, medium to large freestone peach that is almost fuzzless. Its bright red skin touched with gold is striking. A non-browning, late-season variety, it is favoured for canning and freezing.
  • Babygold - These clingstone peaches are sweet and juicy with solid flesh (peel with a knife) that are perfect for canning.

Pears: Should be stored in the fridge!

  • Bartlett -  Light-green to completely yellow in colour. These are the juiciest pears for fresh eating. You can cook them to make pear sauce or pear butter.   


  • Victory (Blue) -  A slightly tart plum that sweetens as it ripens. It is less firm than the Violet plum, a large round blue plum, almost freestone, purplish in colour.
  • Violet (Blue) -   A slightly tart plum that sweetens as it ripens. They are firmer, dark blue like Stanley plums, large almost freestone with a greenish flesh.
  • Italian (Prune) - Super tasty and great for drying, canning, baking and eating
  • N.Y. 9 (Prune) - Green flesh and purple skin (covered with waxy bloom). It has a mild taste and is rather sweet. Great for processing. When the flesh starts changing from green to amber, it is good to eat also.
  • Vanier (Red) - Red Freestone Plum; Stays firmer longer  

      A note about our fruit from Niagara

      All our Niagara fruit is Tree Run, which means that the fruit is not sent to the grading station. The fruit is picked riper (and tastier) and avoids fungicidal baths and defuzzing in the case of peaches. You will find smaller and larger fruit together in your box. Enjoy the ripest fruit first!
      Enjoy the ripest fruit first and for the rest, spread your peaches out at room temperature on newspaper on their side or bottom (not stem down) and not touching each other and they'll ripen over the next few days.
      Keep peaches and apricots out of the fridge until they are ripe as they can get a mealy texture when chilled.

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