Sunday, July 6, 2014

Garlic Scapes

What do you do with those things called Garlic Scapes?

Photo courtesy of: Wallace Springs

If you have not tried them you have no idea what you are missing.  Garlic scapes are the top part of a garlic plant including the flower.  Farmers cut this piece off prior to the flower opening, causing the plant to send that energy down to the bulb helping it grow larger. 

So now that you know what they are. How do you eat them?  They freeze well, throw them into soups, stirfrys quiche, frittata, hummus.... 

Great in pasta, on a grilled cheese, pizza, stacked with fresh mozzarella & tomatoes...  You get the idea.
Photo courtesy of: Katy she cooks

Photo courtesy of: Foodie with Family

This year I decided to make Garlic Scape Powder.  It was a really easy process.  

  • Wash and cut the scapes into 1 inch eces.  
  • Dehydrate them for 16 hours on medium in my dehydrator 
  • Blend them into powder. 3 bunches yields a 500ml jar.

    I am looking forward to making these:

    Photo courtesy of: My Kitchen Addiction

    Photo courtesy of:Cold Garden Warm Kitchen

    Photo courtesy of:Pitch Fork Diaries

    Photo courtesy of:Food 52

    If you are still looking for more:
    Farm Fresh Feasts pulled together a collection 28 Garlic Scape Recipes:

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