Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ordering ends TODAY! (Tuesday) Octoer 8th at 8:00 pm **Order for two weeks!

 Our pickups will be Mondays (about every second week until December, then about monthly until May) as we don't have access to the church on Fridays through the winter  - Out of the Cold runs at the First United Church on Fridays from Thanksgiving until May.

Some festive foods suggestions from Maryrose:
  • Fresh pressed organic apple cider from Apple Creek Farms (fresh this week, then frozen until it runs out!)
  • Sparkling Apple Cider from The Cider Keg - a perfect treat for children and non-drinkers at your Thanksgiving feast
  • Likely the last week for Floralane strawberries and peaches from Warner's Farm
  • Hostess gifts including From Thee Roots Jams, Hugo & Nate Caramels, Roasted Nuts from Jewels Under the Kilt or shortbread from Kate's Kookies
  • Harrington Lane Farms is offering $1 off per pound on their pastured pork products.
  • Stock up on McKechnie tortillas, tamales, tacos and tostadas and J&D Peters wraps and pastas as they will last beautifully until the next pickup.
  • We have just stocked up on 4L cold pressed organic Sunflower oil from Mat's Fine Oils if you are running low
  • We are fully stocked  as we just got a side of pastured, grass fed and finished organic beef from Vibrant Farms
  • Tree nuts from Warner's Farm in Niagara are fresh and ready for us! Get enough for the whole winter - we have Chestnuts, Hazelnuts and English Walnuts (some may call them Persian walnuts)... We may even get local almonds... fingers crossed for a crop that isn't 'seedless'
  • Cheese from Local Dairy, Millbank, Monforte, Mountainoak and Gordon's Goat Dairy
  • Turkey (did I mention that before?) We have GMO Free turkey from Snyder Heritage Farms
  • For a great centrepiece AND dessert treat your family to a chocolate turkey from Anna Tolazzi
  • Pop-A-Cob popping corn from Ontario Popping Corn is a fun and healthy snack for the kids(and adults too!)
Sausage and Sauerkraut
Here is an update and a quick tip from Carolyn at Snider's Pork Sausage:
The extended Snider/Martin family had some delicious meals and great fellowship in Niagara-on-the-lake this past weekend.  Eating together seems to strengthen our bond as a family.  We've already planned the date and location for our Christmas gathering, as well as next year's Thanksgiving! We don't serve sausage at ALL these occasions, but it does make a fairly regular appearance, and ALWAYS totally disappears!

Since Thanksgiving/Oktoberfest is a time for sauerkraut (which I know not EVERYONE enjoys), let me share with you a super simple way to prepare it and maybe surprise those who thought they didn't like it:
  1. Place 2 lb. of our country or garlic sausage (it's OK if it's still partly frozen) in a casserole dish.
  2. Cover with approximately 2 cups of sauerkraut (with some of it's liquid)
  3. Cover with a lid.
  4. Bake at 350F degrees for approximately 1 hour, and serve with freshly cooked potatoes and applesauce.
It's totally different than barbecued sausage, but I still  find it very delicious - moist and flavourful.

Another list? Here are a few more favourites:
  • Winter Squash and Pumpkins (for pie, eating seeds or carving) Check out Maryrose's Blog Post highlighting them at http://baileyslocalfoods.blogspot.com/2013/10/for-love-of-squash.html
  • Amazing fruit and nuts from Niagara - Peaches, plums, kiwi, quince, chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts (see below for the full list)
  • Pies and other sweets all ready to serve!
  • Fall arrangements and flowers
  • Cranberries (non-local from Ottawa) to make your own sauce!
  • If turkey isn't your thing look for ham, rabbit, or other meats from Harrington Lane or Top Market Meats
  • We have parsnips, potatoes, turnips, rutabaga, celeriac, broccoli, fennel and so many more vegetables to compliment your meal
  • Greens, Mushrooms (including shiitake!), and herbs
  • We still have bulk canning tomatoes from Nith Valley available!
Niagara Fruit
All our Niagara fruit is Tree Run, which means that the fruit is not sent to the grading station. The fruit is picked riper (and tastier) and avoids fungicidal baths and defuzzing of peaches. The size of the fruit may be bigger or smaller as well.

Here is the Niagara Fruit we have From Warner's Farms this week:
Quince - a fruit that is high in pectin and best stewed with apples or in pie or made into jam (the original marmalade)
Hardy Kiwi (aka Chinese Gooseberry) is a berry or grape sized fruit that will remind you of the fuzzy kiwi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actinidia_arguta
- Fresh from Upper Canada Cranberries in Ottawa (no from within 100 miles)
Peaches: Cresthaven and Flamin' Fury PF 32 One of Paul Friday's peaches. Always awesome.
Pears: Flemish Beauty, Harrow Delight, Bartlett, Bosc, D'anjou and HW623
Plums: Italian Prune plums, German Prune Plums (smaller and sweeter than the Italian prune plums), Verity and Vision Blue plums
Seedless Grapes: Vanessa (pink, tangy, seedless), Sovereign Coronation (blue, virtually seedless), Himrod (green, seedless),
Seeded Grapes: White Niagara, Vineland White, Vineland Red, Fredonia and Concord.
Tree Nuts: Hazelnuts, English Walnuts and Chestnuts are available this week!
Raspberries and Blackberries too!

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