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Bailey's Buying Club - Ordering is now open for Friday July 8th and STRAWBERRIS ONLY on THURSDAY June 30th

Click to log-in and order. For the next regular pickup, ordering closes at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, July 5th
Please be sure to read the wavier on our website when you log in. It reminds you that items placed your shopping cart are automatically saved (there is no 'checkout' button).

Items you order are to be picked up at First United Church on Friday July 8th between 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM. Ordering will end on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 at 8:00 PM 

From Rachael:

Special Strawberry Pickup on June 30th!
Before we talk about the July 8th pickup and as I'm enjoying a litre of strawberries from Paul Bowman while I work, I want you to know that we can't leave you or our amazing strawberry growers hanging at the height of strawberry season! Next week we'll have a special pickup just for strawberries. This is a great opportunity to put away LOTS of strawberries so that you can enjoy smoothies, jam and so many yummy treats after these dear sweets fruits are finished growing. Pickup will be Thursday, June 30th at a location to be announced in Uptown Waterloo. We're even making all the flats $40 to give you a bit of a break and so we don't have to make change. Even if you're heading away for the long weekend you'll have a chance to hull and freeze berries before you go! Ordering closes Tuesday June 28th at 8pm and Pickup will start at 3pm!

NO pickup on July 1st!
Because it's Canada Day there will be no regular pickup on July 1st. Have a great long weekend!

Everything you want for July 8th!
Asparagus season is now over, but we'll still have limited amounts of organic strawberries on the 8th and will be able to offer you conventional strawberries as well. Leonard Martin's berries are just starting now so they should be lovely! Shelling peas will be available from Paul Bowman too! I think I'd eat sweet shelling peas instead of chocolate if given the choice.

New items from Stemmler's Meats
Some of you asked for Nitrate Free Bacon, others for Turkey Pepperettes, I'm a fan of Smoked Turkey Drumsticks and Maryrose says the Chicken Sausage with Feta and Spinach is her favourite, so we've decided to add these and more to the selection of items available from Stemmler Meats! Look for Turkey Wieners, Beef Jerky, Fresh Beef, Chicken and Turkey Sausages and more!

Items on sale!
100% pure, premium Canadian Soya Oil (aka Soybean Oil) in 250 mL bottles from Pristine Gourmet is on sale for $6 per bottle - that's $2 off our regular price. Jason and his gang grow high quality certified non-GMO soybeans and use European methods to produce exceptional quality, extra virgin, golden coloured, cold pressed oil with no chemicals or preservatives. Pristine Gourmet is the choice of the world̢۪s top chefs. Check out the Pristine Gourmet website or Jason's Gourmet Farmer YouTube Channel to learn more!

Vibrant Farms Oranic Beef is on sale! If you haven't yet tried their organic, mineralized, grass fed limousine beef, this is your chance! We are offering $2 off steaks and $3 off roasts (discount will be added at checkout).

Don't forget:
  • Paul Bowman has fresh garlic (bigger bulbs than green garlic) and shelling peas
  • Kohlrabi and lettuce from Irene and Lester Brubacher as well as a few bags of their popcorn left!
  • 100 Mile Spelt bread from Golden Hearth as well as Baguettes, Epi and Croissants!
  • We have added the Artisan Breads from Grainharvest that Roland brought for you to taste last week
  • We again have Pork Tenderloin from Traditional Foods
  • This is the week to order McKechnie Tortillas and Pasta from J&D Peters

Enjoy your weekend and your strawberries,
Rachael and Maryrose,
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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