Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bailey's Buying Club - Ordering is now open for Monday March 28th

Click to log-in and order. Ordering closes at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, March 22nd
Please be sure to read the wavier on our website when you log in. It reminds you that items placed your shopping cart are automatically saved (there is no 'checkout' button).

Items you order are to be picked up at First United Church on Monday March 28th between 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM. Ordering will end on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 8:00 PM

***Please note - Upcoming  MONDAY pickups are March 28 and April 18. Weekly Friday Pickups will resume May 27th.

from Maryrose:

Hello Folks,

I feel like I have just recovered from Monday's pick up. Thanks for your patience throughout the busy day. My fridge was begging for some local food. Six weeks was a long wait. Thank goodness we only have to wait four weeks this time. That reminds me - two more Monday pick ups left. We will be moving back to Fridays in May.

Our farmers are eagerly awaiting the spring to get their fields growing for us. Most of their stocks are out or running low. It has been very exciting to add new items to the offering list this week instead of only removing items. It looks like we are at the end of the squash. There are very few left compared to the surplus we have had all winter.
  • I tried Anna Tolazzi's new white chocolate and cherry bar today. She has named it "Snowbird" and it is amazing - I highly recommend it. She is amazing at pairing flavours. I wish I had that ability.
  • Paul Bowman has fresh green garlic. It is similar in size to a green onion, but with a garlic flavour. He also has many more greens available.
  • Apple Creek has some frozen elderberries available. Makes a great Cordial! You can find them in the 'other' section.
  • The stewing beef from Vibrant farms is still on sale!
  • For all those who have missed out on eggs over the last few months, we have good news. New chickens have arrived at the Traditional Foods farms this month. This means more eggs for us!
  • I also spoke with Stewart from Floralane on Wednesday. He confirms all of their greenhouse tomatoes will be available for our March pick up. I can't wait to make a Caprese Salad. Here is the recipe:

Caprese Salad
2 tomatos sliced (Floralane)
1 ball Fiore Di Latte - Fresh Mozzarella (Local Dairy)
Fresh basil leaves sliced (Pfennings)
Drizzle olive oil & balsamic vinegar (you could use sunflower oil and one of the infused vinegars if you want to keep it local)
Minced garlic, salt & pepper to taste.
Arrange the slices of tomato and cheese. Place slices of basil through out the plate. Drizzle both olive oil and vinegar. sprinkle on garlic, salt and pepper.

It's Maple Syrup Time at Snyder Heritage Farms!

Things about our syrup and what we do.
  • 5th generation producing syrup
  • Wood fired evaporator (wood from our forest)
  • Stainless steel equipment wherever possible
  • using production guidelines issued by the Ontario Maple Syrup Producer's Association
  • Were a member of the OMSPA
  • Following organic standards
  • Completed courses in Food Safety and Traceability, Environmental Farm Plan, and On Farm Food Safety
  • All produce is labeled, graded, and marked for traceability
  • Packed in Glass or (HDPE) plastic
... and It's just good stuff! More info at 

P.S. - Maple Syrup is a pure sugar. All that has been removed is water!

Any Questions, please contact us at

Thank you Kevin & Anne Snyder
Snyder Heritage Farms

Rachael and Maryrose,
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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