Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bailey's Local Foods ordering ends at 8:00 pm on Tuesday August 2nd + Picnic details!

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Bailey's Picnic Pot Luck will be an afternoon of eating, friends and fun!

Please RSVP at http://sn.im/blfpicnic so we can plan for enough people!

When: Sunday, August 15th, Arrive at 3pm; Begin eating at 5pm
Where: Waterloo Park, Westmount Road Entrance (West side), "Picnic Servery" (near area #9) - see map at http://sn.im/picnicmap

This will be a relaxed day to enjoy. We hope that you and your family can join us!

Message from Rachael:

Tuesday is the new Monday - Order today! =)

Have you ever made pickles? I always thought they were a lot of work until we came home with 4 L of Elvina's pickling cucumbers last Friday. I thought we'd bring them on vacation as three bite snacks for the kids until Andrew grabbed a jar and started a pickle recipe based on the one that he saw on the Little City Farm blog (http://littlecityfarm.blogspot.com/2010/07/new-easy-crock-pickle-recipe.html). Wowee! He simplified the recipe on Karin's website further by making a light brine (1 L water, 1/3 c salt) and adding 1/2 c or so of vinegar and some pickling spice in a 2 L jar with a wide mouth and screw on lid, then the cucumbers (with the ends on) and packed them into the car with the kids and all our other gear. The next day we ate those pickles and added in some more fresh cucumbers and a little garlic (you could add dill, but we didn't). We ate pickles, and added more cucumbers every day. Sometimes we added more salt or vinegar and now we have a lovely cloudy brine that we are adding the pickles from our garden to. It's lovely!

Karin also emailed today so I could let you know she has a few spots left in her salsa making and canning workshop on Sat, August 14, 1-3 pm. Details are online at http://www.littlecityfarm.ca/workshops.php

A few notes regarding items for Friday:

  • We're finally into sweet corn season! Mmmm! Organic corn is still available in full or half dozens. Look for corn by the ear on the spontaneous table too!
  • Fresh garlic is amazing!
  • Whole Chickens available from Snider Heritage Farms - Kevin wants you to know that they are GMO-free, Drug-free and he makes the feed using his own crops! Look for them under "poultry"
  • Pickling Cukes are available in half bushels with and without dill!
  • Pears from Palatine will not be available until next week. The Peach variety will be Harson and the Plums will be Burbank. If you ordered plums, these are the ones you will get this week!
Some more information about our fruit from Mary Jane:

As the season moves on, the red plums are coming in. This week we have the Japanese plum called Burbank. It is a medium size plum with a red mottled yellow skin. Its flesh is deep yellow and has very good flavour!

This week kicks off the start of the freestone peaches! All the peaches we have from here on in are great for eating, cooking, canning and dehydrating! The first of the freestone peaches we have is the Harson! The Harson peach is a sweet, firm, medium to large size freestone peach that was bred at the Harrow Station here in Canada. It is considered to the the Canadian Red Haven! Ever since the Red Havens were discovered back in the 30's in the United States, research stations have been trying to imitate, duplicate are create trees like the Red Haven that will survive in different environments. This is one of the varieties Agriculture Canada has developed....but of course, they cannot call it Red Haven.

A reminder of the best way to let your peaches ripen without spoiling (from previous years):
To prevent bruising, peaches are not completely ripe. Spread them out on newspaper on their side or bottom (not stem down) and they'll ripen over the next few days.

All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings!. This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe all in the same box. Eva and Rene let our fruit ripen on the tree much longer than if they were to pick it for the shippers! The shippers want green fruit and we want tree ripened fruit!!  

Enjoy this short week!
Bailey's Local Foods

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P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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