Sunday, June 13, 2010

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*** Mark Sunday, August 15th on you calendar for Bailey's Picnic Pot Luck in Waterloo Park! We have reserved the Servery by the Bandshell for our group! More details to come!

From Rachael:

Vibrant Beef
Are you a beef lover? We will soon have more organic beef from Vibrant Farms. If you want input on the cuts available please fill out the form at and tell us what you want! Now they need less rain so that the cherries don't split.

Golden Hearth Baking
Did you notice that breads and other treats from Golden Hearth are back on the order form? Golden Hearth is the only place in town that you can get 100% local bread. Their 100 mile organic Spelt is made from local organic spelt and the sourdough starter means that even the yeast is local! The catch with the spelt bread is that we need to order a minimum of 6 loaves. If you like it consider getting two loaves! Janet says that she misses their Flax Raisin Walnut bread and I miss feeling the bags of warm foccacia as we take it out of the box. I miss the chocolate macaroons too!

More Plants
Candace from Transpire Organic CSA ( has more seedlings for us! Look for herbs, tomatoes, peppers, squash and Brussels sprouts.

Cherries are early this year!
Get your tastebuds ready! Word on the street is that if the weather stays warm the sweet cherries will be 2-3 weeks early this year. I had some tonight from a friend's tree and wow, were they great!

We have a convenient option for you to donate to local food programs through Bailey's. We provided local beans to the Waterloo Region Food Bank with the money you donated in January and February. Donations over $10 (from January through June and again July through December of the 2010 year) are eligible for a tax receipt. We will be donating 100% of what you give to the food bank directly or by sending local food from our suppliers in the coming months.

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