Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Orderr Closes Tonight - Don't forget about Back To School

KW's year-round online farmers market
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Waterloo Pick Up - Friday, August 22nd (Tonight at 8pm)

Apple Chips from Martin's Family Fruit Farm
New Moon Cookies
Fruits and Veggies
Grain Harvest Pretzel and Cheese Sticks
Ontario Poping Corn Popcorn
Barries Asparagus Crackers and Cheese from one of our many great cheese makers
Pepperoni Sticks from Stemmlers, Monforte and Top Market Meats
Mckechnie Tortilla Chips and Salsa from Floralane or Barries Asparagus, 
J & D Petters Wraps with Cream Cheese from Gordan's Goat or Monforte
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon and other Melons Available from Pfennings
  • Blueberries! This is the last week we'll have Pleasant Berry Blueberries. 
  • We've restocked all the cookies from New Moon Kitchen! They are nut free, dairy free and egg free, Perfect for lunches!
  • Theresa from Garden Party has lots of new items available! Fermented Dills & tea bunches
  • Leeks, Eggplant and Bulk Beets from Bowman's Organic Produce
  • Pixie Melons from Lester and Irene Brubacher (Cedar Springs)
  • Organic Green Peppers from Lena Burkhardt are ready!
  • Gladiolus and Zinnia bunches from Lena Horst
  • Lemon Grass Leaves (in the herbs section) and saladette tomatoes from Brenda Knechtel
  • Winfield Shelled Peas are available again! Get your 10 lb or 1 lb bag! Great for freezing and enjoying all winter!
Please be sure to order any items from Grain Harvest and Golden Hearth by tuesday night as they need to get the bread goingsooner than later.

A note about our fruit from Niagara

All our Niagara fruit is Tree Run, which means that the fruit is not sent to the grading station. The fruit is picked riper (and tastier) and avoids wax coatings, fungicidal baths and defuzzing in the case of peaches. You will find smaller and larger fruit together in your box. 
Enjoy the ripest fruit first and for the rest, spread your peaches out on newspaperon their side or bottom (not stem down) and not touching each other and they'll ripen over the next few days.
Keep peaches and apricots out of the fridge until they are ripe as they can get a mealy texture when chilled.
Bailey's Market Days at Entertaining Elements
179 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1A7
Tuesdays noon to 6pm
Stop in to our mid week market in downtown Kitchener every Tuesday!  Ordering is open Friday to Monday so you can pre-order Bulk Fruit at
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church
  • Friday, August 22
  • Friday, Sept. 5th
  • Friday, Sept. 12th
  • Friday, Sept. 19th
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