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Order White Lady and Redhaven Peaches for Tuesday pickup! Ordering open for Sept 5th also!

White Peaches on Tuesday are amazing!
White Peaches on Tuesday are amazing!
KW's year-round online farmers market
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Kitchener Pick Up Tuesday August 26th
Items in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf  Monday August 25th at 4pm

Waterloo Pick Up - Friday, September 5th
Items in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf
Tuesday September 2nd at 8pm

Niagara Fruit at Entertaining Elements on Tuesday

You have until 4pm on Monday to order Grab Bags from Garden Party (Misfit Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables, Juicer Mix, or a Veggie stock kit) in the vegetables section and Niagara Fruit from Romagnoli Farms in the fruit section.
Your peach choices in the fruit section for pickup at Entertaining Elements in Kitchener are:
  • Babygold - This week the Virgil variety is available. It is a clingstone peach that is great for fresh eating and stays firm when canning.
  • Redhaven - Medium to large reddish-gold fruit with yellow firm juicy flesh. Now freestone! Excellent for canning and eating fresh.
  • White flesh - This week's white peach is the White Lady variety. We love all the peaches, but this is a favourite as it has great taste and is low acid. It's great for dehydrating!
We also have Apricots, Nectarines, Yellow Plums (Shiro) and Strawberries!

My apologies for sending this late!
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Friday September 5th Pickup - Back to reality?

There won't be a pickup on August 29th, but we will be back September 5th with all your favourites! Ordering is open now so that you can add items before the long weekend!
  • Ontario Popping Corn is back in stock! We love their Pop-A-Cobs and organic yellow popping corn as well as the white hulless popping corn. Did you know that Popping corn is GMO free?
  • Monforte Dairy has Water Buffalo Fresco again and hace their first batch of Cow Milk Cheddar available. I hear it makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich! Their description is: A ten month old cow cheddar with a big deep flavour. Made from Perry's milk (who lives near Millbank).
  • If you want to serve a great cuppa joe, start with fair trade locally roasted coffee beans from Eco-Coffee, offer Golden Guernsey 2% Milk or 4.8% Cream Top Whole Milk from Eby Manor and then how about a GF Biscotti from Circle of Life or a chocolate biscotti from Ambrosia Bakery on the side?
  • We have more of the Mapleton's Organic Raspbery Ice Cream (and all the other flavours too!) just in case September is warmer than August was!

A note about our fruit from Niagara

All our Niagara fruit is Tree Run, which means that the fruit is not sent to the grading station. The fruit is picked riper (and tastier) and avoids wax coatings, fungicidal baths and defuzzing in the case of peaches. You will find smaller and larger fruit together in your box. 
Enjoy the ripest fruit first and for the rest, spread your peaches out on newspaper on their side or bottom (not stem down) and not touching each other and they'll ripen over the next few days.
Keep peaches and apricots out of the fridge until they are ripe as they can get a mealy texture when chilled.
Bailey's Market Days at Entertaining Elements
179 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1A7
Every Tuesday - noon to 6pm
Stop in to our Tuesday market in downtown Kitchener!  Ordering is open Friday to Monday so you can pre-order Bulk Fruit at
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church
  • Friday, Sept. 5th
  • Friday, Sept. 12th
  • Friday, Sept. 19th
  • Friday, Sept. 26th
  • Friday, October 3rd
  • Friday, October 10th
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