Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bailey's reminder and mushball

Morning Folks,

If you want to order this week, get your order in by 9PM.

On the spontaneous table at Pick-Up we'll have no-spray cider, pink
table grapes, and organic summer sausage as well as peaches to buy by
the piece.

Bailey's Local Foods has a website now! Maybe you're in one of the
photos of a buying club day. See

Below is an invite from Matthew (my hubby).
See you Friday,
PS If you want a half bushel of smaller beets ($16), email me.


Hi friends

Come on out to a Neighbourhood Mushball Game this coming Monday
evening. Mushball is kind of like baseball except you don't need a
glove because the ball is soft enough to catch with your hands, and
the rules are slightly different to facilitate greater involvement
from everyone. This mushball game will be particularly friendly for
young children (ages 5 and up) and their adults (although adults can
come even if they don't have kids). Younger children can play on the
nearby playground.

When: Monday, September 22
What time: 6:00 pm is the beginning of the game, but you can show up
late. We probably won't play longer than one hour.
Where: Waterloo Park in the grassy area between the splashpad
playground and the curvy road leading to the splashpad parking lot
(beside the large field where people sometimes play cricket)
What to bring: an expectation to have fun
Experience needed: none

Hope to see you there!

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