Monday, September 15, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club September 19

Hi Folks,

Selema said they had a light frost already. That means that any week
I'll have to report that there are no more tomatoes or green peppers
and etc... This is the last week for Niagara fruit. What shall we do?
Get drunk on peaches one last time?? Each fresh salsa, BLTs and peach
pie each night of the week? I'm trying not to feel anxious about it.
It will be a nice break to not have anything else begging to be put up
for Winter (just apples). Seasons come and seasons go... I'm going to
end this one with a few rounds of bacon and tomato slices on toast.
(Bacon from Stemmlers IS on the list this week - nothing organic or
healthy about it. Just crunchy and yummy with a thick slab of

This IS one of the final weeks for preserving a lot of things - if you
are into that. We'll have half bushels of beefsteak tomatoes (if you
want half bushel of beefsteak, tell me that in the comments box) and
paste tomatoes for salsa and other canned tomato favourites, red,
green and yellow peppers (the red ones are amazing roasted and then
frozen in a bit of oil), apples for applesauce, chard to steam and
freeze to use as "spinach" in recipes... Okay, would you rather make
applesauce from apples sprayed with chemicals or apples with a few
worms and bumps in them? I've got both options for you today. The
organic ones have a few red wild apples thrown in to give the sauce a
lovely pink hue and a bit of a tanginess and you can choose if you
want to cut out the worms or just throw them all in the pot (what do
you think humans have been eating since the beginning of time?
Worms!). If you want to borrow my Victorio Strainer to churn out the
applesauce, you're welcome to it.

Even if you are not into canning or freezing, consider stocking up on
garlic this week. Did you know that garlic in a paper bag will keep
until next summer? Then you won't have to buy garlic from China in
January. I'm offering garlic at a bulk price. Put it in a paper bag
and then put it somewhere dry and dark (back corner of a kitchen
cabinet or under the bed).

This is the first time I've ever offered (or been able to buy for
myself!) Hard Wheat Flour from within 100 miles! Oak Manor has a
limited quantity of this flour from the Wellesley area. If you like to
bake bread, I suggest you stock up on it now as it may not be
available in October. How are you liking the Soft Whole Wheat Flour
from Oak Manor? I use it in everything that is not a yeast recipe. I
just used it for brownies last night and, well, they are gone already.
We've got a wide selection of Oak Manor grains and flours. All from
within 100 miles. I'm looking forward to making granola with a mix of
barley, oat, rye and spelt flakes.

This week is the chicken pick up for those of you who ordered those
earlier. We do not have extras for sale, I'm sorry. It will make
pick-up a little slower to sell the chicken so give yourself enough
time to pick up your food without rushing.

I'm going to try to get the Mapleton's yogurt again. Please consider
ordering twice as much as you normally do. It lasts over a month in
the fridge. I need to order by the case so I'm hoping to get enough
orders so that I can buy at least a couple cases. My family goes
through six 750ml containers in two weeks (I know, I know, I should
make my own yogurt...).

Here is the info on this week's Niagara fruit:
There are 2 kinds of peaches available. One is the Crest haven peach
which is the latest variety available. It is similar to the red havens
and Loring peaches. The other variety is called Blushing star which is
another type of white fleshed peach. It is more like the first variety
of white flesh peach that we had than the White Lady.

The blue plums are still in season. This will also be the last of the
plum availability for this year. They will be out of season by the
time I go for grapes next (In a few weeks grapes will be offered

The Bartlett pears are still available and now we also have the Bosc
pear. The Bosc pear can be kept into January if kept in a dark cool
cellar. They are more famous for being a 'winter eating' pear. They
will likely need a bit longer to ripen since they are so good for

For grapes, we still have the Sovereign Coronation grape which is good
for eating or juicing. There is also some other table grapes available
for those who like to try something different.......we have pink,
green and blue table grapes. The green and blue grapes are not fully
seedless but have very small seeds similar to the coronation grapes.
All grapes are similar in size to the sovereign coronation variety!

This Saturday is our potluck picnic. I'm looking forward to tasting
all the dishes you'll be bringing! Also bring your own tablewear
(that means cups, plates, cutlery and such), picnic blankets, and
chairs if you want a chair (and label your dish with the ingredients
and where the ingredients are from). We'll be serving local grape
juice and pear juice and - local water too! At the end of the order
form is a question asking if you're planning to come.

Happy harvest-time eating,

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