Monday, September 22, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club Sept 26

Hi Folks,

Well, Friday was chaos. More than normal! I'm sorry. I'm not sure if
it was because 70 people ordered and that is too much or because I
started my "real" job last week and had less time for the buying club
or because it was an unlucky day. The fruit arriving late was very
unhelpful. The woman who picks it up in Niagara had locked herself out
of the van for two hours so that is why that was so late. Then I made
a spreadsheet error so that your totals were not accurate because it
did not include a few items from Oak Manor (flour and such). I
undercharged you by $509.77! I've emailed those that this effects. I
also had the full box price for the Blushing Star prices switched with
the half box. If you got a half box of Blushing Star, I owe you $15
(you can take this off of your next order). I charged $.75 too low on
the bacon and so lost money on that. Let's see what else can I

I must confess that the salad mix I sat down to eat in the carport
late Friday with a 1,000 mile pizza was so very delicious. I must
confess that I ordered too many things to preserve this week. What was
I thinking?? I need three of me to get it in the jars and freezer.
Maybe four.

The picnic was fun and almost relaxing. We'll do it again next year.
Miriam and Mervin and their children were so excited to come to the
city and meet all of you. I wish I could be a fly on their wall and
hear what reflections they had on us afterward.

The exciting local news this week is that our bakery, Bread and
Bretzel, is using local and organic flour now in the spelt and wheat
breads!! I'm so thrilled that they are now ordering from Oak Manor.
Let's affirm this move by ordering lots from them this week, okay? The
spelt cookies with raspberry jam are also with Oak Manor spelt. If
they see an enthusiastic response from us, maybe they'll use local
flour for more of their breads, cookies and pastries.

The other newish item is the return of the 100 Mile All Natural Roast
Beef. This is the highest quality and healthiest deli meat I've ever
had. It is from cattle that are never given steroids, antibiotics or
hormones. It does not have msg or nitrates in it! Some think it is a
bit salty but others love it. Because it does not have nitrates in it,
it will not last six weeks in your fridge. The good news is that
Stemmlers just made it this weekend so it is fresh and it does freeze
okay (changes the texture a bit). The bad news is that Stemmlers has
raised their price due to increasing costs so my price is higher too.
The 100 Mile Blackforest Ham is also offered this week. It is from
hogs from Old Order farms (I'm assuming conventional farms) near the
St. Jacobs area where it is slaughtered and then sent to Stemmlers.
Both deli meats are shaved and offered in packages a pound or more (no
halves). The Roast Beef is not available very often so now is your
chance to get it.

We'll have organic all-beef summer sausage with no nitrates available
this week. It sausage that the Niagara fruit woman sold me last week
and so I'm sure who raised it but the ingredients look AMAZING. You
could almost call this sausage healthy. Because it does not have
nitrates, it may turn a bit brown rather than staying pink. That is
normal and much healthier than nitrates. Here are the ingredients for
the sausage:

  • Organic Pasture-fed Beef
  • Unpasteurized honey from an organic farm
  • Crystal Salt - low sodium, high minerals (like Celtic or Himalayan but better)
  • Organic Garlic Powder
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Black Pepper

It is packed in cotton bags and is naturally smoked over Maple chips.
I'm selling it frozen. I will not have access to more of this (I
think) so this is the kind of thing you like, stock up on it.

I was disappointed in the Blushing Star peaches. I'll be asking if
that is normal for them or if they always have that texture and lack
of sweetness. The sweet corn was not as nice as usual either. I'll get
it from Paul again this week.

Always make sure you see a "thank you" message to confirm your order
went in (four people filled out the form this week but I did not
receive their info in my spreadsheet). We're working on finding a
different order form system that will send you an email confirmation
of your order immediately upon submitting it.

Enjoy the last week or so before frost,

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