Monday, September 1, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club - Local Pasture-Raised Turkey and Chicken

Hi Friends,

I've updated the chicken order form with the dates for pick up. We are
no longer taking orders for chickens as they are all spoken for. The
pick up dates have been pushed back to allow the birds to get a little
bigger. The next one is Sept 12 and then Oct 17 will be the last
delivery of chicken. The turkeys for thanksgiving (formerly delivered
Oct 3) will be ready for pick up Oct 10 and are drug-free rather than

The pasture-raised chicken and turkey is raised by Miriam and Mervin
Gingerich near Newton (25 min drive from Waterloo). The unique thing
about this turkey and chicken is that it is raised ON PASTURE. This
means that the birds are happier and healthier than indoor birds. They
also produce better-tasting and healthier meat. The Gingerichs have
the birds slaughtered at a licensed facility. All the meat is frozen.

The drug-free turkey is raised by Kevin Snyder near Breslau. His
barns offer lots of fresh air and he mixes his feeds himself so he
knows exactly what goes in them.

If you have any questions, email me at

The farmers and Bailey's Local Foods thank you,

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