Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bailey's Reminder and Clarity re confusing chicken/turkey orders

Hi Folks,

Reminder that this week's order is due today at 9PM.
No buying club next week.

I've received a number of questions which tell me I need to try to
clarify the Thanksgiving turkey order.
If you ordered Thanksgiving turkeys, your order still stands for a
Thanksgiving turkey (or two), I am filling that order with a drug-free
turkey rather than a pasture-raised turkey (at a lower cost). If you
do not want a drug-free turkey substitute, email me and I will cancel
your order for a Thanksgiving turkey.

Now, want to order a pasture-raised turkey for pick-up November 7?
Turkey breasts, turkey parts and turkey meaty bones for broth are also
available on Nov 7. Use the form I sent on Monday to order or email me
requesting another form.

Want to place a second or third order, go ahead. I will combine the
multiple orders under your name (please use the same name for each
With respect,

PS Thinking of joining in the salsa canning workshop Sept 11 at 7PM
with Matthew and Paul? You can be the new King or Queen of salsa in
your household! Email Paul or I to reserve
your spot in this workshop. It's $5 and only 10-12 people can join.

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