Monday, September 22, 2008

Bailey's Local Food Buying Club

Hi Folks,

Are any of you lucky enough to own a root cellar? If so, we've got
50lb bags of unsprayed potatoes available from Paul.

Will you help me organize a database of members of this wacky and
wonderful buying club? I'd like to make a google map of our addresses
to see where we are located and help decide where the satellite sites
will be. Please fill in the info about yourself at the beginning of
this form. I will not share it with anyone.

I'm not going to carry a wide selection of squash and pumpkins and
gourds. Instead, I'll encourage you to go visit one of the farms that
specialize in that and make a farm visit very fun. We like to go to
Shantzholme but maybe we'll try a new place for us: Pumpkins Galore
just north west of town this year. They are both on the Buy Local! Buy
Fresh! map. I will carry some good eating squash for as long as

Breads from local organic flour (the 100% Whole Wheat, French Wheat
and Spelt breads)! And the spelt cookies too.

Did your Millbank cheese last long? Now is your chance to order it
again. Butter too from Stirling.

I wish I could share with you an idea for something good to cook but
all I can think of is taco salad. Time to make the dishes you love
with fresh tomatoes as we won't have them much longer.

Happy Local Eating,

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