Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailey's Local Food Buying Club

Hi Local Eaters,

I think this is the most food offered ever in one week!

We've got beef from Jeff Stager near Ayr. No hormones or steroids
used. Mix of pasture and grains as feed. He only uses antibiotics on a
steer when it is sick (a couple times a year). The hamburger is extra
lean and very tasty. I highly recommend it.

It will be busy at pick up time so we'll extend this Friday's pick up
to 7PM and ask that you don't come in a hurry. If you can, (if you
drive) please park on Euclid and we bring a wagon or cart to wheel
your goodies to the car. We also have a wagon you can use.

Here are things to look for in this order form:
peanut butter, canola oil, maple syrup, black currant jam, sparkling
apple ciders, breads made with local organic flour (!), Mapleton's
yogourt, Niagara fruit, and cilantro.

We are working on creating an order form that has categories of foods
and other handy things. It will come eventually. We ask for your
patience with Google DOCS until then.

Happy eating,

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