Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home Brew Workshop

Homebrew KW!

If you have been curious about making your own beer but haven’t taken the plunge, this workshop is for you.  Participants will brew an ale, going through the process of steeping specialty grains for flavour and colour, adding malt extracts, a 1-hour boil, multiple additions of hops, chilling the wort (the unfermented beer), and pitching the yeast.  Throughout the process, participants will have time to ask questions and learn about how they can create their own recipes from scratch to recreate some of their favourite styles at home.

You will learn:
  • The process of making 5 gallon batches of beer at home
  • How to craft your own recipes
  • The importance of yeast strain on determining the style of beer
  • Sanitation and bottling
  • Insight into making other fermented beverages—wine, Kombucha, ginger bug, old fashioned sodas, etc, as well as how to incorporate local ingredients into your brews
  • How to make home brew taste good
You should attend this workshop if you:
  • Enjoy beer and want to learn more about how it’s made
  • Have wanted to make your own beer but aren’t sure how to start, or have attempted it and weren’t satisfied with the results
  • Are tired of paying high prices for craft beer
  • Want to be able to create quality beer at home
You will get:
  • Guidance from an experienced home brewer and teacher who has worked with friends and family to develop a community supported home brewery in Kitchener-Waterloo
  • (optional) 6 bottles of beer to take home
  • The opportunity to create your own recipe and put together the necessary ingredients
When: July 2 @ 6pm and optional follow-up bottling session July 23 @ 6pm
Where: The Local Kitchener, 64 Gildner St. Kitchener
For more details go to Homebrew KW!

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