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Bailey's ordering for October 4th is open! (with correct dates)

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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf TUESDAY October 1st at 8pm for pickup on Friday October 4th at First United Church Waterloo (if you got this email twice, it's because my proofreader was still sleeping the first time)
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A message from Rachael

Welcome Autumn. Thank you for bringing us apples and squash as part of your bounty. This is the season for storage vegetables. If you want to buy a lot of squash at once, squash stores best in a single layer in a dark closet or cabinet (lots of air flow) and most will last 2-6 months. Be sure to do a little research on how your favourite food stores best... or ask and we can help!

With this cooler weather (and amazing ingredients) comes soup season. This week I made two easy favourites. Even the kids agreed!

This first soup reminded me of those tomatoey pastas in a can. The tomatoes from our garden and our farmers were so sweet. Sautee onions in olive (or your fave local) oil, Slice and sautee some garlic it briefly before adding roughly cut tomatoes and simmer with salt, pepper and a handful of basil (tear it up as you are putting it in). Our tomatoes were so juicy that I added a 1/2 cup to a cup of small pasta rings. When the pasta had finished cooking in the soup we had a lovely meal.

Leek-y Potato soup is hearty and easier than you think for something so close to the fancy sounding vichyssoise. Start by sauteeing sliced leeks (I had a bunch of 3 from Edward and Selema Martin) in your favourite oil, then chop and add a carrot or two and as many potatoes as you like. Be sure to season this with Salt and pepper. A bay leaf or other herbs would make it even better. You can sautee the veggies for a while if you need time to defrost a bit of turkey or chicken stock. Add stock or water to cover, and cook until the potatoes are soft. You could serve this as is or blend it a bit with an immersion blender. Alternatively, you could add cream, omit the carrot and chill the soup and call it vichyssoise!

Turkey Time
Now is the time to plan if you are having a turkey next weekend. If you order it for the Friday before Thanksgiving will you have enough time to thaw it? We have thawed our turkey in cold water in our camping cooler in years past (Some guidelines are at or Are you planning to prepare the turkey in brine? (if not, consider it!)  Do you have a roasting pan big enough?

Things to look for:
  • Chocolate Turkeys from Anna Tolazzi. Available in semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate too, these beauties are the loveliest and tastiest centrepieces/desserts we've enjoyed on our holiday table. (Check them out at
  • We have parsnips, fingerling potatoes and bulk eggplant available from Pfennings
  • Don't forget to order your favourite yogurt. Mapleton's Organic comes in 6 flavours: 3.9% Natural, Vanilla and Strawberry or 0% Natural, Vanilla and Blueberry
  • Very tasty Apple Pear Cider is available from Warner's Farm (under beverages)
  • Bacon from Harrington Lane Farms got two thumbs up at Breakfast.
Niagara Fruit
All our Niagara fruit is Tree Run, which means that the fruit is not sent to the grading station. The fruit is picked riper (and tastier) and avoids fungicidal baths and defuzzing of peaches. The size of the fruit may be bigger or smaller as well.

Here are the Niagara Fruit we have From Warner's Farms this week:
Hardy Kiwi aka Chinee Gooseberry is a berry or grape sized fruit that will remind you of the fuzzy kiwi.
Peaches: Cresthaven - The last of the peaches?
Pears: Flemish Beauty, Clapp's Favourite, Bartlett, Bosc,
D'anjou and Hw623
Plums: Italian Prune plums, German Prune Plums (smaller and sweeter than the Italian prune plums), Verity, Vision and Valour Blue plums
Grapes: Vanessa (pink, tangy, seedless),
Sovereign Coronation (blue, virtually seedless), Himrod (green, seedless), Fredonia, Niagara and Concord.
Nuts are coming too!

Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your egg cartons, fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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