Monday, December 31, 2012

Order before Thursday at 8pm for Bailey's Local Foods pickup on Monday, January 7th

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A Message from Rachael:

I've been trying to send this email since Thursday... and look, it's now late Sunday night/early Monday morning! It's been a lovely holiday and I've really enjoyed the break from the computer and time with family!

Let me guess. You've been busy too? Well, take a few minutes and put in your order. I'll send more emails next year, but this might be a great time to make sure you get awesome local food to start January off right!

Here is a list things to look for:
  • So many awesome prepared foods including new selections from Winnie's Gluten-Free Foods. The tourtiere was a hit at dinner tonight!
  • Squash! Sam Bowman called the other day and we added the squash he still has! Get it before it's gone! He added kale too!
  • Tia's Bakery has been forcing us to try new things. The crusty rolls are amazing and we also really liked the Multigrain bread. It was amazing with soup!
  • Beans! The vegetarian baked beans served at lunch for 30(!) were a hit and they featured Great White Northern Beans from Rounds Brand. Stock up now and we'll offer them again in a couple months!
  • Gumboot Gourmet has a Lamb Sausage with no fillers (you can choose from Real Salt ( and Pepper or Garlic, Real Salt and Pepper
  • Chef To You Frozen Soups - Three varieties in two serving sizes. Frozen and ready for you to heat and eat!
  • Spud's Own All Ontario Kettle Chips. 2 for $5!
  • Pasta and Noodles from J&D Peters - Did you know that noodles have eggs and pasta doesn't?
  • Tamales, Tostadas, Tacos, and wraps from McKechnie. When we opened our last bag of tortilla chips I noticed that the label said 100% organic corn! Way to go Doug! We're so excited for lots of amazing changes. As soon as we find out that all the chips will be organic we'll change the listing, but in the mean time we know that all the corn is GMO Free.
  • China Rose Radishes. They were so pretty at the last pickup that I had to take a photo!
  • Organic Flour and Grains from Oak Manor. I hear the 7 grain cereal is tasty!
  • Golden Guernsey Milk - So creamy!
  • Tasty Sausages from Traditional Foods
  • Turkey Necks and Backs (awesome for soup) from Snyder Heritage Farms are on sale! Only $2.75!
Happy New Year!!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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