Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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A Message from Rachael:

Happy New Year!

Are you back to the grind? Still enjoying some time off? Whichever, I'd like to remind you to get online and take a few minutes to order for the next 3 weeks. Get the cheese you love, the bread that freezes so well, the meat that you can thaw anytime and the veggies that will keep you healthy.

I want to thank all of you for being part of this wonderful community. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know so many people through Bailey's. Sometimes I feel that I don't know half of the people who order, but for every new person that I connect with, I am truly excited.

On New Year's Eve I grinned from ear to ear as I bumped into so many people that I met from Bailey's. I saw and chatted with a couple people at Vincenzo's then ran into a handful more at the 9pm kids midnight in the Waterloo Public Square and even one on the free bus ride home (3 blocks)! The other night I even emailed a member that I hadn't seen in a while but had been thinking of. Turns out she was thinking of me too.

It was so neat to go to a holiday party in the community back in December and see so many familiar faces there too.

Thank you for getting to know us, for saying hi, for telling us what you like and what you don't like. We are running this business as part of our lives and making all of you a part of that too.

May 2013 be bright and peaceful for you. May you enjoy the people around you and grow your community and grow and eat great food too!

Over the next little while I'm going to try and tell you a couple things I like about each of our suppliers starting at the bottom of the alphabet (you already know that Ambrosia has great cookies and more awesome pastries to come!)

  • Traditional Foods: Nutrient dense and GMO Free and some of the tastiest sausages around! Read more at
  • Triple H Horseradish - Spicy and made fresh! We keep it in the fridge. This mellows with age and make a great seafood sauce mixed with Ketshup
  • Vibrant Farms - Organic, Grass Fed Beef. It is nutrient dense and really speaks for itself!
  • Winnie's Gluten-Free Foods - Our newest supplier with baked goods and prepared items. Vicky started adapting recipes when her daughter Winnie was diagnosed as Celiac. I'm looking forward to trying her perogies!
  • Working Centre microgreens - So tasty on soup or salads! Grown right in Kitchener!
Here are some more favourites:
  • Manitoulin Wild Caught Fish! The smoked one is by favourite!
  • ONFC Tofu! It freezes beautifully!
  • Beans! The vegetarian baked beans served at lunch for 30(!) were a hit and they featured Great White Northern Beans from Rounds Brand. Stock up now and we'll offer them again in a couple months!
  • Spud's Own All Ontario Kettle Chips. 2 for $5!
  • Pasta and Noodles from J&D Peters - Did you know that noodles have eggs and pasta doesn't?
  • Tamales, Tostadas, Tacos, and wraps from McKechnie. When we opened our last bag of tortilla chips I noticed that the label said 100% organic corn! Way to go Doug! We're so excited for lots of amazing changes. As soon as we find out that all the chips will be organic we'll change the listing, but in the mean time we know that all the corn is GMO Free.
  • China Rose Radishes. They were so pretty at the last pickup that I had to take a photo!
  • Organic Flour and Grains from Oak Manor. I hear the 7 grain cereal is tasty!
  • Golden Guernsey Milk - So creamy!
  • Turkey Necks and Backs (awesome for soup) from Snyder Heritage Farms are on sale! Only $2.75!
Be well,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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