Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bailey's Local Foods ordering now open for MONDAY January 28th pickup in Waterloo!

Click http://baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering to log-in and order.

Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf on Tuesday January 22nd at 8:00pm. There is no checkout button. If you do not intend to order, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty.

Our "Winter" dates are Monday Jan 28th, Feb 11th, March 4th and 25th, April 15th
Friday dates will resume in May!

From Rachael:
Thanks to all who joined us at yesterday's pickup. We've made some tweaks to improve your shopping experience. From now on, we're going to keep you out of the kitchen (can someone do that for me at home?)! We'd like to get the fridge and freezer items for you, so that the kitchen is less congested and getting you the right items is easier! We think it went pretty well yesterday and would like your feedback on what you think of it!

Another quick reminder that the church parking lot is not for the use of our members, even on pickup days, so we ask you to park in the Waterloo Town Square Lot (behind the LCBO) while you are picking up your order.

We need to leave spots reserved for the ministers and staff of the church open 24 hours (yes, even at 7pm) . Please be aware that the main reason we ask you to park in the larger parking lot is safety - with so many people (especially young children) walking through the lot, it is much safer for everyone with fewer cars moving about.
Those with disability parking needs are welcome to park in the church lot and we are happy to help anyone carry a large order or heavy items out - Just ask!

Things to look for this month:
  • Flour and grains from Oak Manor
  • Dried Beans from Rounds
  • Cheese from Monforte, Millbank and Local Dairy
  • Likely the last of the local apples.
  • SO much more - even in the middle of winter!
Be well,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, egg cartons, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

Click http://baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering to log-in and order.
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