Saturday, December 8, 2012

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A Message from Rachael:

Saturday morning I thought I was sleeping in. The kids got up around 7:30 and dad offered to take them to the market (all of them!). I did get to sleep in until just after 9, but then the phone rang. It was a new farmer and we chatted for a bit, me still quite groggy, before I got up to add some new items to our offering list. We ended up talking for more than an hour (when the family returned!) Sam Bowman sold to Nina in the first year of Bailey's but at that time decided to concentrate more on the Guelph Market. He says that some of you like to go to his farm and have asked why his produce is not available through us... Now it is! Right now he has some storage vegetables that our other farmers have run out of including Spanish onions, leeks, and red cabbage! He also has lots of carrots in storage and we look forward to offering you local carrots as long as he has them!

Here is a list of newly added items:
  • Gluten Free Italian Loaf from Tia's Bakery. My kids are in love with her baking! We're stocking up and putting a few loaves in the freezer for holiday meals so that the people who can't have gluten and dairy can still enjoy some bread with their meal. It has been a treat to have. Look for them under 'gluten free' in the 'bakery' section.
  • Gumboot Gourmet has a Lamb Sausage with no fillers (you can choose from Real Salt ( and Pepper or Garlic, Real Salt and Pepper
  • Chef To You Frozen Soups - Three varieties in two serving sizes. Frozen and ready for you to heat and eat! See more details below!
A few more items to consider:
  • From These Roots preserves are 2 for $10! (discount taken at checkout) We'll have lots on the Spontaneous table!
  • Spud's Own All Ontario Kettle Chips. 2 for $5!
  • Stone Ground Wheat Tortilla wraps and all the other great things from McKechnie. My kids are excited to have tacos for dinner tonight. They are way better than store bought and the corn is now all grown in Ontario!
Let us introduce Terry Alkin who makes the Chef To You Soups:
I was born in Ireland and emigrated with my young family to Cambridge Ont. I have manufactured for Zehr’s, and ran my own deli, and restaurants. I have been a chef for many years, specializing in Soups, Salads and Marinades. I am top award winner for the Heart Healthy soup of the year, Heart Stroke Foundation for curry carrot soup. I cook with a lot of passion, and produce healthy nutritious meals. I use the best fresh ingredients from Local and Ontario producers wherever possible. Fresh herbs and spices used correctly and infused into cooking have many health benefits. I do not use flour or MSG and all soups are low in sodium 1.85mg per cup or 8oz. I rarely use dairy products, and when I do, it is clearly marked.
Shelf life 6 days at 39F/4C or lower (all soups, can be frozen), Cooking temp 160F/71C, Holding temp 140F/60C
Microwave approx 90 seconds - 150 seconds for 2 cup portion

Be well!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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